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She wears her pink styled hair in such a flawless way. Her eyes are large and express subtle emotions that captivate a persons’ gaze. Her skin is flawless with her lips and body in perfect harmonious proportions. The beautiful model Imma is becoming a viral fashionista. Most people who might come across her profile would be amazed at her beauty. Those with knowledge from this article would know it’s all CG. She stands by sports cars with a casual kawaii pose. Dressed in all otaku inspired clothing. Imma tries on clothes from the like of Bottega Veneta while posing in front of vending machines. As of writing this she now has 13.5K followers.

Imma currently graces the cover of the February issue of CG World magazine (available in print and Kindle at

Commissioned by “Producer M” and made with computer graphics by CG modeling specialist company ModelingCafe Inc., imma, whose name is inspired by the Japanese word ima 今 (meaning “now”), creates a very “believable” presence on Instagram, her photos expertly crafted to seem like she is a real person in real-world locations. She even has a Zepeto account and takes selfies:

This seems to be the future. No one is safe from jobs. lol Perhaps that is a good thing. What does this mean though for society? The future is creeping up on us at a fast pace. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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