Because A Bee Simulator is What We All Asked For

Bee Simulator, A Game All About Being a Bee


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People get stung every day by bee’s. With this Bee Simulator we know get answers to the questions as to why people are stung. Well Sort of. The entomologists and beekeepers have already answered that question, however, Developer Varsav Game Studios wanted to dive deeper. Here is how they describe their game:


Compete with other bees in races, collect pollen, perform waggle dances, and explore a world inspired by Central Park in New York. Play it with your family or friends, choosing between three modes, including co-op and vs. split-screen.


To further dive into just how cool this Bee Simulator can be here is the trailer below:





Our CEO Loves bee’s. Perhaps thats why I am writing this article. Simply because I want senpai to notice me. J/K I personally find this simulator pretty cool and its nice and refreshing to have more original game play. It seems like everyone is remaking everything. What are your thoughts? We would love to know.







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