Best 5 Things For First-time Extra-life Participants. Best Tips You’ll Will Read This Year

On Nov 2nd gamers worldwide will be playing games for 24 hours straight for Extra Life. Twitch will be jammed pack full of gamers settling down for the long haul as they keep themselves energized to entertain their audiences and ask for donations. Every year this event raises millions of dollars for the Children’s Miracle Network and children’s hospitals associated with it. This is a wonderful feat of generosity for all those that participate and those that donate. Does this sound like fun? Would you like to game for a worthy cause? Here are some things to keep in mind should you join in on this awesome event. 

Know where your Donations are going towards

Extra Life serves to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. This Network is made of 170 member hospitals. When you sign up for extra life you get a choice on where the money you raise is sent to. This means the money you raise could be used to help any hospital in the program on or to a specific one. The Site will tell you the member hospital closest to your area. If you choose to raise money for that hospital to be sure to mention that to potential donors. Knowing which hospital they are helping gives them more incentive to donate. 

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Going Solo or as Group

This is completely up to you. If you prefer to play video games solo to raise money and awareness then feel free to do so. But having a group that is also interested gives you more options. If you are gonna do 24 hours of gaming having your friends there is the best way to keep yourself up and energized. You can even play in shifts to give each other a break. The type of games you play are widened since you can now play party games and board games which are more socially entertaining 

Pick a Day or Schedule that is good for you.

While Extra-Life has an official game day event around the holiday season, fundraising is happening year-round. If the official day is inconvenient you are more than welcome to choose a day that works for you. Your event doesn’t even need to cover 24 hours. For example, You can dedicate every Saturday for a month to get a few hours to play games to raise money. Be creative, as long as you playing games and raising awareness its an Extra File event. 

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Organize your Time

Don’t go into a 24 hour Marathon without a game plan. Give yourself a list of games or activates you (and your group) want to do. Nothing kills the energy of the room than try to figure out what to do next. If you have multiple people you can figure out who is interested in playing what and when people can switch in or out to take breaks. I recommend making a general actives list since games can run longer than expected and you at least know what’s going to happen next and well have whatever you need to be prepared on that day

Raise Money But Have Fun

You are here to enjoy raising money by playing games. Don’t forget that. Also, don’t worry so much about how much you think you can raise. Even 1 dollar towards a good cause is something. But that won’t be a problem, if you reach out to people and spread the word out, you’ll be surprised at the response.

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I with my group of friends have been participating in Extra-life for 5 years now and it has been worth it. The response from our friends, family, and coworkers have been amazing to watch. I urge gamers if you want to be part of this, all you have to do is visit and sign up. If not I hope you consider donating because even a 1 dollar goes to helping a child in need

(Shameless plug since it is for the kids if you want to help the Specialized Children Hospital in NJ that I raise money for feel free to donate here.)

Who else has been part of or is interested in Extra Life? Does my advice help? Do you have any more questions? Let me know in the Comments

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