Best Girls of Summer Comiket 2019 (Slide Show)

Comiket 2019 Geek Impulse

Yes that is Everyone’s Favorite Cosplayer @enako_cos There a Slideshow Below With More Japanese Cosplay From Summer Comiket 2019

Comiket 2019 is a huge gathering of some of the best cosplayers Japan and the world has to offer. It’s one of our favorite times of the year here at Geek Impulse. Despite the temperature in Japan, these models brought their A-game and made things even hotter. According to sources, there was a total of cosplayers, 1,564 men and 3,724 women on the second day as well.

Not sure how they were able to beat the heat there, but it sure was entertaining and downright crazy to attend, but the cosplayers did not let us down. We appreciate them for their tenacity. Many posed for photographers of course. Enako was one such person, which is no surprise since she is the #1 cosplayer in Japan, but definitely has some fierce competition this year for the spotlight. There were warnings because of the heat that did leave some in Japan facing death due to heatstroke.

Summer Comiket 2019 is also widely referred to as C96. This year was a little different with attendees now being charged 500 yen (US$4.73) per day for admission to the four-day event. Typically the event in previous years was free. However, the new pay-to-enter system is designed to help manage the large crowds of people who attend the event. Also with hopes of making the line queues become more expedited. The amount of people that attend from all over the world it would seem a price tag of entry at this stage is needed and very reasonable.

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  • Comiket 2019 Geek Impulse
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If we didn’t get the Twitter Handle right for the corresponding photo in the slideshow, do let us know. So many photos and so many cosplayers that we couldn’t get through them all. Let us know your favorite.

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