Bethesda Dropped a New Teaser Trailer For Fallout 76



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Bethesda just announced Fallout 76. The newest installment of the famous franchise. There is no concrete information on this game, but our sources tell us that its is mostly on online game of some kind. Battle Royale? Who knows, but E3 is right around the corner and Bethesda has stated in their tweet that they will be showcasing the new game on June 10th. 





What is curious about this announcement is that Vault 76 was a control vault with 500 residents, set to open two decades after the bombs fell. Geek Impulse suspects that Fallout 76 will be connected in this way. Perhaps *maybe* it just means there will be online co-op and this isn’t a full-blown MMO. If it is completely online as is suggested to be truthful it could be a miss for the franchise. I am confident that there will be a single-player for missions etc…





One of our theories is that Fallout 76 will take place somewhere around Virginia. Does the song have any bearing on this? Like will it be taking place around the Virginia area? If it does connect to vault 76 then it is possible since that vault was near or in Washington D.C. if my memory serves me. Another theory is this that Vault 76 is a hub where friends can gather. Then they form squads and explore the wasteland. Maybe throw in the mandatory dungeon-esque levels, strikes, etc… Similar to Destiny. What do you all think about this announcement, does the online aspect turn you away from the game? Could Fallout 76 take place in the 70’s so we see an updated non-canon gameplay? Lets discuss in the comments below. 






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