Bleach Anime Returns With The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

The “Bleach 20th Anniversary Project & Tite Kubo New Project Presentation” Livestream announced on Saturday that Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga is inspiring a new anime adaptation that will cover the manga’s “Thousand-Year Blood War Arc” arc. The arc is the final arc of the manga, and covers volumes 55-74.


The Thousand-Year Blood War arc kicks off in earnest when, after a rash of Hollow murders and several disappearances in the Rukongai District, it’s revealed that the Quincy were actually alive. The Quincy, to jog your memory, are the order of reishi-manipulating human mediums who murder Hollows rather than purify them as Soul Society does. They were thought to have been killed by the Society en masse 1000 years ago with the exception of the Ishida family. Instead, it was revealed that the Quincy, led by their founder and son of the Soul King, Yhwach, had actually used reishi to hide in the Shadow Area of Seireitei. Gathering their power, they called themselves the Wandenreich (German for “invisible empire”), eventually conquering Hueco Mundo after Aizen’s defeat. Having revealed themselves, they declared war on Soul Society, with Yhwach planning to destroy the Society, absorb and kill his father the Soul King and reshape all of existence into a new empire. Uryu, who had joined the Wandenreich to avenge his mother’s death at the hands of Soul Society, was designated as Yhwach’s successor and heir.

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The manga inspired a television anime adaptation that ran for 366 episodes from 2004 to 2012. Viz Media obtained the television and home video rights to the anime in 2006. The series premiered with an English dub in Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim that same year, and eventually aired all the episodes by 2014. The anime franchise also includes four films and two OVAs. You can revisit Bleach subbed and dubbed on Hulu and Netflix (just the first three seasons), and subbed on Crunchyroll; watch the third and fourth anime films, Fade to Black and Hell Verse and the 2018 live-action movie on Netflix, as well as re-read the manga on Manga Plus (which reruns chapters every Sunday) and on the official Shonen Jump website (which has the entire series).

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