Bruce Lee Workout – Perfect For The Fighting Man or Martial Artist Enthusiast 60 Minutes

Bruce Lee Workout

A specimen of health was Bruce Lee. Every day he practiced and only ate the proper food. He was a guy who never let his job interfere with his ” Bruce Lee Workout. “

The physical workout is the most overlooked aspect of martial artists. Too much time is spent on technical skills development and not enough on physical involvement. It is necessary to practice your combat skills, but also to maintain your overall physical condition. In reality, both are required in a real battle to be successful. Training is an ability to discipline your mind, cultivate your resources, and provide your body with stamina.

Bruce Lee Workout
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Bruce Lee Workout was a regular training consisting of aerobic exercises, plus others which were patterned to improve his ability in combat. He varied his workouts to prevent boredom. One of his favorite workouts was running four miles a day in 24 to 25 minutes. He would change his pace when running — after several miles of constant, even strides, he would sprint several feet and then return to easier running. Between shifts in running tempo, he would also shuffle his feet.

Lee found that skipping rope was very helpful overall as he had seen boxers do it when they trained and through use he found it to be beneficial. This Bruce Lee Workout exercise not only strengthens your stamina and leg muscles but also improves you, by making you “light on your feet.” Only recently, physiologists have learned, from some studies, that skipping rope is more effective than jogging. Ten minutes of skipping rope are equal to 30 minutes of jogging. These are very beneficial exercises for the cardiovascular system.

Bruce Lee Workout
© Bruce Lee Foundation

A Bruce Lee Workout would include additional endurance drills such as shadow boxing and sparring. Shadowboxing is a good agility exercise that also builds up the pace. Relax your body and learn to move quickly and effortlessly. At first, focus on your form and move with lightness on your feet until it becomes normal and relaxed — then work faster and harder. It is a good idea to start your workout with shadowboxing to relax your muscles.

We recommend that you get Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method: The Complete Edition brings the iconic four-volume Fighting Method series together into one definitive book. Volume 1: Self-Defense Methods; Volume 2: Basic Training; Volume 3: Abilities in Techniques; and Volume 4: Specialized Techniques. It retains the explanations that offer martial artists the Jeet Kune Do techniques’ instruction required to take their skills to the next level … but with exclusive bonus content which will aid you in your very own Bruce Lee Workout.

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