BTS Jimin Reveals How Empowered He Feels About The Upcoming Album Process. Energetic 2 Everyone

BTS Jimin has posted a new update on the upcoming album as Music Project Manager.

BTS Jimin
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On May 1 KST, BTS Jimin was the next member to hold a casual live stream on BTS’ official YouTube channel as part of the #StayConnected initiative. RM announced in previous livestreams that the group was working on an album and Suga shared that the members had determined who would be responsible for what part of the process.

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In his live stream, Jimin said, “This time, our album will be self-produced by us, so we picked up the PMs [project managers]. I became the manager of the music project. Suga was very strong in his opinion. He told me, ‘I want you to be closer to music through this,’ and strongly recommended [my role]. I was very grateful for his opinion.

He went on, “I don’t know yet how exactly I’m going to go, but I’m working hard to be of help. As a PM, what I can do now is ask the members how they want to work, what story they want to tell, how many songs they want to do, what style of song, what composition they want to make, which members will be suited to what they want to do, and communicate it to the label.

Jimin added that the members had recently met to discuss all this and briefly showed the fans a document containing all the opinions of the members. He said, “The members shared a few more opinions with me afterwards, so I’m going to add them and send them by e-mail. Organizing the Members’ Words is more fun than you would think. There is a sense of pride in organizing the opinions of the members and communicating with them.

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