Burning Kabaddi Sports Manga Now Becomes Anime

Hajime Musashino’s Burning Kabaddi Sports Manga series launched in 2015.

An official website launched on Tuesday to announce that the Burning Kabaddi (Shakunetsu Kabaddi) manga from Hajime Musashino is getting an anime adaptation for television. A teaser video started streaming on the website, and Musashino offered a visual preview for the announcement.

Burning Kabaddi Sports Manga

According to Crunchyroll:

Burning Kabaddi Sports Manga is the story of a high school Kabaddi club who tries to recruit the former ace of the soccer team, Tatsuya Yoigoshi, who has come to dislike sports after graduating from junior high school. The series is currently being published in Shogakukan’s manga app Manga ONE app since 2015 and has so far published 13 volumes, with the 14th to be released in Japan on July 10. 

The series ranked on the top 20 list of manga for male readers in the 2017 edition of Takarajimasha’s Kono Manga ga Sugoi! (This Manga Is Amazing!) guidebook. The story is so good it makes the characters seem so pure and most passionate of sports. They do at least explain the rules in that series. Luckily it does this far it goes full steam ahead into the deep end of the pool of absurdity. This makes it something that perhaps can be played at home in your pool or any pool for that matter.

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