Call of Duty Modern Warfare Character is A Real Green Beret. Eye-opening and 2x Cool

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Characters are usually actors or characters designed by artists. This one however is an actual green beret from the U.S. Army. His name is Tu Lam. He was recently interviewed in the online military website Task & Purpose.

According to T&P, Lam spent 18 of his 23 years in the Army in Special Forces, deploying to 27 countries — the majority of them war zones and conflict areas — before retiring in 2016 as a master sergeant. He went on to found Ronin Tactics, which develops equipment and provides training for civilians and law enforcement personnel.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Geek Impulse

Earlier this week, the popular first person shooter unveiled Ronin, a new player character in Call of Duty Modern Warfare is practically modeled after Lam — even taking his company’s name, and featuring the company’s logo as its shoulder patch.

In Modern Warfare, we always draw this line where we want it to be real, but with gamers and gaming stuff you’re pushing to have it be over the top, so you’re trying to find this balance. A lot of stuff is exaggerated in a way for gaming, but that’s what is so exciting when we meet guys like Tu, because for me, why I got so excited, is because it’s real — he’s real,” Stohl added. “His philosophy, the tattoos, the whole bit. I think he’s the first real guy that we’ve used in the game like this.

Dave Stohl, co-studio head at Infinity Ward

Studios often turn to the military liaisons in order to add as much authenticity to the games they create. This is also done in the capacity of military advising. I myself served as military advisor on the film Jarhead as well as Race to Witch Mountain, Transformers 2 and the first G.i. Joe to name a few. So seeing this level of recruitment for the game is not surprising. If you would like to catch the full interview with Lam, you can do so by clicking here.

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