Calming ASMR Capybaras Mukbang in Japan. (Must Watch)

A herd of ASMR Capybaras eating a pumpkin took us by surprise. It very calming and a ton of Kawaii at the same time.

The Nagasaki Biopark in Japan is a zoo as well as a botanical garden. What is really cool about this place is that, you, as a visitor, can sometimes interact with the animals that reside there. As you can see from the title of this article as well as the video below, the park’s Capybaras are a huge draw. In the cold winter months, they can sometimes be seen chilling in a rotenburo (open air bath). These days, there are lots of kawaii ASMR videos of them enjoying various types of vegetables and fruits. Their eating ranges from watermelon and cucumber in summer, to persimmon and chestnuts in autumn. Though these ASMR Capybaras are giant they are also very friendly.

That video of course is not the only one. There are many to check out on this channel. There is even a video of a herd of 10 capybaras feasting on a 50kg pumpkin with their large front teeth in a matter of minutes. The ASMR Capybaras are chewing furiously on their Jack-O-Lantern cause its the season. Chewing, munching, devouring to captivate the ASMR world.

If you prefer to visit Nagasaki Biopark in person, you’ll be glad to know that you can enter the capybaras’ enclosure and engage with them – pet them, take photos of their cute antics or just lay back and watch them eat during feeding time. You can find more videos of Nagasaki Biopark’s other animals here.

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