Caribe Royale Orlando – 32-foot-long Train was Made out of 1,600 Pounds of Pure Chocolate and We Love it

Caribe Royale Orlando

The Caribe Royale Orlando North Pole Express, as it is being called, is made entirely of chocolate, weighing up at 1,600 pounds. A modest model train is not sufficient to make a Florida hotel’s Christmas display merry. Something a bit more enchanting and tastier, it turns out—was required at the luxury resort. We are train enthusiasts and foodies, so this excited us.

According to Travel + Leisure, the centerpiece of Caribe Royale Orlando’s 2021 Christmas decorations is a spectacular 32-foot chocolate train. Even more astounding, the entirety of the train is built of cocoa bean confection, from its cars to its passengers to the rocks beneath its tracks. Making it so eatable.

Caribe Royale Orlando Train Geek Out

Caribe Royale Orlando
The Caribe Royale North Pole Express © Caribe Royale Orlando/Facebook

The creation, created by executive pastry Chef Joshua Cain, is comprised of 1,600 pounds of cocoa and has smokestacks, passengers, and a red caboose. Chef Cain was inspired to create the train by two steam engines that traveled throughout the nation in the late 1800s, the Jupiter locomotive and the Virginia and Truckee Railroad’s No. 12 Genoa train.

“What really inspired me were the trains that helped build the United States,” Cain said in a statement shared with Travel + Leisure. “I really looked at those early steam locomotives because they have so many unique moving parts.”

Overall, more than 800,000 cocoa beans went into creating the chocolate masterpiece — and the whole display rings out at a belt-bursting 4.5 million calories. But the hotel’s chocolate North Pole Express won’t be ruining any diets — the holiday display was created only for show.

Travel + Leisure

Geek Stats:

  • There are close to four million calories in 1,600 pounds of chocolate.
  • It takes four hundred cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate. It took
  • 600,000 cocoa beans to make 1,500 pounds of chocolate to build the train.
  • The train ended up being 1,600 Lbs. of chocolate.
  • The chocolate train is thirty-two feet long.
  • It took 1,000 hours to complete the chocolate train.
  • The steam locomotive “Jupiter” or Virginia and Truckee Railroad Engine number 12 Genoa inspired the chocolate train.

But there’s still a lot remains to be undertaken before the Caribe Royale Orlando North Pole Express can claim its place in history. According to Guinness World Records, the largest chocolate creation is a 111.5-foot figure created by confectioner Andrew Farrugia in 2012—a goal that Cain, we imagine, has indeed set for himself.

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