Carnage! Let’s Get 2 Know Your Supervillains This Sadistic Alien Symbiote


Carnage, the most well-known of Venom’s progeny, has grown quite popular amongst Marvel fans all around the world. However, with the imminent release of Venom 2, now is the time to settle down and really get to know the violent symbiote played by Woody Harrelson.

Carnage is Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who transformed into the character after merging with the spawn of the alien symbiote Venom during a jail break. His psychotic disposition was enhanced by the symbiote, making him less psychologically stable than before, and hence considerably more deadly.

Who is the more powerful, Venom or Carnage?

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Carnage is a more ruthless and powerful Venom. his suit is based on the Venom symbiote, and he, like Venom, has access to enhanced versions of Spider-man’s abilities, such as increased strength, agility, and speed. Like Venom, can block Spider-man’s Spider-Sense even though he possesses his own increased senses.

His symbiote is stronger and more volatile because it was conceived on Earth rather than the world Klyntar. He’s strong enough to bring both Spider-Man and Venom to a halt. He can rearrange his symbiote tendrils into a variety of lethal weapons and even fire them as projectiles. Kasady also gains a Wolverine-like regenerative factor from the symbiote, allowing him to withstand many near-death experiences.

The red symbiote is not without flaws. He’s not as vulnerable to sonic weaponry as Venom, but he’s even more vulnerable to fire than Venom. Anti-Venom, a hero whose sole aim is to hunt down and kill symbiotes, can also make him incredibly susceptible. His abilities in Venom 2 are said to be slightly altered, including the ability to shift into mist, according to director Andy Serkis.

8 quick facts about Carnage

  • His symbiote can also consume other symbiotes and integrate them into himself.
  • The Venom symbiote left behind the first of its progeny after Eddie Brock escaped prison. Cletus Kasady, who had a wound on his hand that the symbiote utilized to join with him, was also left behind. Because of this, forcing the red symbiote away from Cletus is exceedingly difficult.
  • His symbiote can completely regenerate itself from only a few cells. Only a few things on Earth (or any other world, for that regard) have the power to genuinely stop him.
  • The fact that the Venom symbiote feels mostly responsible for the mayhem that Carnage is frequently accused of further adds to the hostility between the two symbiotes. A quarrel between parent and son.
  • He went on a months-long murderous rampage after fleeing prison. He killed everyone he encountered. He would only leave the phrase “Carnage Rules” inscribed in the blood of his victims after the deaths.
  • Norman got ahold of the red symbiote after having nanites put into him to prevent him from becoming the Green Goblin, and after a brief battle with it, he gained control of the symbiote and became the Red Goblin.
  • Because of his body’s unique physiological composition, any of his cells in any part of his body may act as pretty much anything he requires. His cells can become eyes, noses, tongue, and ears, as well as anything else he would require compensating for his lack of spider sense.
  • He possesses telepathic abilities that have not yet been completely understood. Though the full extent of this skill has yet to be revealed, fans have seen him use it in a variety of ways in the past. He’s been known to implant Cletus Kasady memories into the brain of unwitting victims to torment and finally break them.

Origins of the Character

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After Venom’s breakout success in 1988’s Amazing Spider-Man #300, it was only a matter of time until Marvel expanded on the phenomenon. Cletus Kasady debuted as Carnage in 1992’s Amazing Spider-Man #360 (conceived by writer David Michelinie and illustrators Erik Larsen and Mark Bagley) and rapidly became a regular figure in the saga.

“Maximum Carnage,” a gigantic Spider-Man crossover that took place in 1993, is the most important Marvel tale ever to focus on this creature. It was even the basis for a video game of the same name (more on that later). To combat Carnage’s villainous coalition, Spider-Man and Venom had to team up with other Marvel heroes like Captain America, Black Cat, and Cloak and Dagger.

Throughout the 1990s, the red symbiote appeared in Spider-Man comics, with various scenarios depicting the symbiote connecting with characters other than Cletus Kasady. As a result, characters like Spider-Carnage and Cosmic Carnage became less popular hybrids. Most fans eventually felt that the villain had been overdone. Even Marvel seemed to agree, as he was split in pieces by the Sentry and left to die in Earth’s orbit in an early issue of 2004’s New Avengers.

In superhero comics, few characters truly stay dead forever, and the character made his resurrection in a 2010 miniseries titled, oddly enough, Carnage. Both the symbiote and Kasady survived being torn in half, according to that cannon.

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