Casino Dealer Swimsuit Cosplay Makes Everyone a Winner!

We are building up our collection for our readers of really cool and creative swimwear designs. Halloween is around the corner and the beach never goes away, so we decided to bring you this latest swimsuit. The Casino Dealer swimsuit will turn heads, win the hearts and wallets of your best fans.

This new design was created by the Japanese brand Parfaite. As you can see from above and later below in our slideshow that it is covered in playing cards. Of course, that is not all there is to this design. Depending on the color you get there red or the black, it has bows and other Kawaii elements to captivate anyone. The swimsuit collection is called “Beach Parlor Casino,” and is now available at the Village Vanguard Online Store.

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Product Information:
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Underbust: 55 cm (21.5″) to 90 cm (35.5″) (adjustable)
  • Waist: 58 cm (23″) to 75 cm (29.5″)
  • Hip: 78 cm (31″) to 92 cm (36″)
  • Outer material: Polyester / polyutherane
  • Inner material: Polyester
  • Note: pads are replaceable

The swimsuits retail for around ¥16,200 which is roughly $152.00 USD. As we mentioned, each is available for purchase right now online and you should get it in time for Halloween of course. There are many designs besides these to choose from on this site. Regardless of what beach around the world you decide to wear this or to surprise your significant other or even that party you want to attend to break out of your shell, chances are everyone will appreciate you being there in this. Except for Karen. We don’t know why but Karen is always pessimistic about everything these days. Karen should probably loosen up and buy this too. Karen, if you are reading this, which we know you are, do us all a favor and get yourself one. Thanks…

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