Chelsea Green the Former WWE Superstar Underwent a Successful Surgery 2

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green, a former WWE star, announced on Instagram on Tuesday that she had successfully underwent surgery to remove a metal plate from her arm. Green said, “Photo taken after surgery. My arm plate has been removed, and I’m ready to return to work!! We’ve struggled with breaks, surgeries, hardware, and some complications for the past two years, but we’ve finally arrived at the finish line.”

Chelsea Green had bad luck with injuries throughout her WWE career, injuring her wrist in her first televised NXT bout and then breaking it again in her long-awaited appearance on Friday Night SmackDown.

Chelsea Green on Her Career So Far

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green was one of the many celebrities who were released on April 15th. “I’ve made once in a lifetime memory at WWE,” she wrote in response. I didn’t complete everything I set out to do, but I’m pleased with what I accomplished. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve never accepted a negative answer (even after 4 tryouts and a reality show).

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I’m grateful for the fact that every occasion I was knocked down, I came back stronger (or broke an arm). Despite the passage of time, little has changed. That girl is still me. I’ll get up tomorrow, dust myself off, and embark on my next adventure. I’m regaining energy, refocusing, and committing to doing what I’ve always wanted to do: making a name for myself. WWE Universe, this has been a brief episode. “I’ll see you on television.”

Chelsea Green confirmed on her podcast this week that she had her own “Trashbag Gate” experience, but that she was sent Natalya’s gear rather of her own. “As I examine the trash bag more closely, I begin to think, ‘I’m not sure what’s in this trash bag.’ “First, I’m going to get some black boots,” Green said. “Those are lovely black boots, but they aren’t my black boots.” I then take another pair of black boots from my bag. Beautiful jeans, but they’re not mine. Now we’ll move on to the third stage.

The third piece was a stunning little leather shrug with studs, diamonds, flappy things, pink jewels, and all kinds of other embellishments. If you’re familiar with women’s wrestling, you’ll notice that the person wearing black leather with pink is always the same. Nattie will always be Nattie. As a result, I immediately recognized the contents of my box as Nattie’s.”

“I went on,” she said, “and I took a couple of things out.” Most of it was Nattie’s, but I did come across a few dubious things. There were some sweet little tops, dresses, and items that looked like they belonged to Lana or Liv [Morgan]. So, I’m not sure if there was anything else in that package. A basketball was also present. I have no idea who the fuck is shooting hoops behind the scenes at WWE, but someone is doing it. So, the contents of my box – and the contents of several other females’ boxes – were not mine.

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