Cherry Blossom Season 2019 Has Officially Arrived in Tokyo!

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Sakura report 2019: Cherry blossom season officially declared in Tokyo!

In the Capital of Japan, which gives us a better knowledge of when to expect the rest of the cherry blossoms to bloom this year. Media outlets around the country went into a frenzy yesterday as temperatures rose above 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) in Tokyo. Media outlets immediately started talking about “sakura zensen” (“cherry blossom front”).

In order for the Japanese Meteorological Agency to officially confirm the start of the season, there have to be at least 5 blossoms witnessed.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, they have a sample of hyoujun-ki or sample trees. There are 59 sample trees in total that cover a total of 47 prefectures. Each tree is in an ‘ideal’ location, so as to not have too much shade or too much sun. They can see by the advance of the blossoms from Kyushu to Hokkaido of the Somei Yoshino, which is the predominant type of sakura in the country.

The blossoming on March 21st in Tokyo this year comes about 5 days earlier than usual, it is actually four days later than 2018 sakura season. Generally, it takes a full week to be at full bloom. The weather, however, is expected to get much cooler in Tokyo in the coming days and as a result, it should slow down they blooming and be on track with the Japan Meteorological Agencies original predictions. As you can see by the Instagram posts shared in the article, people are taking advantage of this early blossom.

According to the site WeatherNews, These are the main attractions and when to see them:

-Rikugien (Tokyo)
 March 24 (Sunday) to April 1 (Monday) 
, Ueno Park (Tokyo)
 March 28 (Thursday) to April 5 (Friday) 
– Chidorigafuchi Green Road (Tokyo)
 March 28 (Thu) 
-April 4 (Thu), Omiya Park (Saitama)
 March 29 (Fri)-April 8 (Mon) 
-Nagoya Castle (Aichi)
 March 31 (Sun) 
-April 9 (Tuesday) -Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto)
 March 24 (Sun) 
-April 8 (Mon) -Osaka Castle Park (Osaka)
 March 31 (Sun) ~ April 8 (Mon) 
, Dogo Park (Ehime)
 March 27 (Wed) -April 3 (Wed) 
, Maizuru Park (Fukuoka)
 March 27 (Wed)-April 3 (Wed) 

There you have it. We hope this update helps you even with your travels to Japan. We will keep you updated as things become known as far as the Sakura season in Japan. Be sure to check out more of our articles here at Geek Impulse.

Featured Photo By: Tokyo_Lens

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