Cherry Bullet Announces Comeback With 1st Mini Album Cherry Rush. Certified Cool!

Cherry Bullet

Cherry Bullet is ready for their return. All Cherry Bullet Members Are Said to be Returning.

The girl group dropped the schedule for their forthcoming mini-album ‘Cherry Rush’ on January 7.

Cherry Bullet

Cherry Bullet Members (Haeyoon, Yuju, Bora, Jiwon, Remi, Chae-Rin, and May), a girl group from FNC Entertainment, has just announced their comeback!. To confirm the group’s expected return to the music scene, the agency posted a scheduled picture on the group’s official SNS.

FNC Entertainment released a trailer for a new eleven-member girl group on August 20, 2017 that is to be unveiled on August 22. On August 21, in the caption, the first member Yuju was disclosed with the date “2017.08.23 00AM” followed by the second member Jiwon on October 22. In the following days, no new members were announced following Jiwon’s disclosure and no updates were given.

On February 6, the FNC unveiled the group’s official Cherry Bullet lightstick, described as “red like a cherry and in the shape of a gun” The item is available for purchase at the FNC Online Store. On February 10, the group’s official fandom name was disclosed as “Lullet” which is similarly pronounced as “roulette” and is a shortened version of “Love Cherry Bullet.”

Lullet is also an acronym for the words “love”, “unique”, “light”, “laugh”, “everlasting” and “treasure”. This acronym means that the girls group fans are unique treasures who love Cherry Bullet and make them shine and laugh forever.

Twitter: @CherryBullet
Twitter (Japan): @cherrybullet_jp
Instagram: @CherryBullet
Facebook: CherryBulletOfficial

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