Chest Blessed Japanese YouTuber Chef Is a Marketing Genius

As media evolves so does your advertising diversification. Enter Breasts both meat to cook and the ones to advertise on. As the old saying goes, its all about location, location, location. Regardless of how much money you spend, or informative or creative the advert is, if it’s where there are few to no eyeballs, then its money wasted. They say “sex” sells and in this instance, though it is not sexualized, most people of all genders look at a nice set of Oppai.

Chest Blessed Japanese YouTuber Chef Kuma Cooking has only recently started to post cooking videos on YouTube but has already garnered a ton of attention on the site and other social media. Traditionally you make people sit through advertisements during your videos. Kuma Cooking incorporates advertisements into her videos. She does this by wearing T-shirts that are almost tightly fitted with the sponsor of the episode on the shirt on display which you can see above.

This talented and creative chef also has a day job as an office worker. This is why she focuses on quick, simple and easy to make meals. This is done with a single large frying pan or rice cooker. In one video she makes a delicious steak and in another video, she makes a salted chicken rice bowl with green onion which you can almost smell through the monitor of your computer.

Chest Blessed Japanese YouTuber Geek Impulse
© くまクッキング

I guess we can say this is another innovative and weird Japanese trend that might catch on and take hold. In video, advertising is the best way to go these days anyways. Instead of having other advertisements meshed in with yours. This Chest Blessed Japanese YouTuber Chef is a marketing/advertising genius and we like every single aspect of this and hope to see more. We will reach out to be advertised as well here at Geek Impulse.

Sources: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram

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