Onitsuka Tiger Teams up With ‘Street Fighter’ For Chun-Li Sneakers

As we have seen there has been growing popularity with shoes based on pop culture trends. This is no exception, or maybe it is. A lot of designs at least with the US has been lackluster. Not very fashionable. This time Capcom and Onitsuka Tiger have teamed up. They have created the ‘Street Fighter’ inspired Chun-Li Sneakers. They have modeled their existing Mexico 66 D kicks to incorporate the classic yellow and blue found on Chun-Li’s costume in the game. These shoes are fashionable and a great way to express your love for the character as well.

The Sporty Yellow Gives a Martial Arts Vibe Like Bruce Lee

Chun-Li Sneakers Geek Impulse
© Capcom/PR TIMES

A Classic Retro White That Adds to a Stylish Wardrobe

Chun-Li Sneakers Geek Impulse
© Capcom/PR TIMES

There are dragons throughout the entire length of the upper portion. They do not overwhelm the design overall and are subtle enough to add texture. On the heel flap there is the Onitsuka Tiger Logo along with the Street Fighter one. The price for these are ¥18,000 which seems to be a lot, but these are exclusives. There will only be a total of 5,000 pairs will be produced. The coolest part is that each pair of kicks will come with a code that unlocks special costumes for Chun-Li in the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. This allows her to also wear the same shoes you own.

These very stylish limited-edition Chun-Li inspired kicks will be available for purchase in Onitsuka Tiger stores around Japan. They will be available starting July 27th. The last time Street Fighter sneakers were bought up quick, it is safe to assume these will be as well. Be sure to put the date into your calendar to have a better chance at purchasing them. What are your thoughts on these Chun-Li Sneakers? Let chat about it.

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