Chungha is Exquisite and Shares Latest Album Querencia’s Meaning Along WIth Comeback and More 25


Chungha has released Querencia, her long-awaited full album! You should check out her music video for “Bicycle” below.

Chungha dropped the pre-release singles in 2020 “Stay Tonight” and “PLAY” leading up to the release of her first full album. Although ‘Querencia’ was expected to be released in January 2021, after the singer tested positive for COVID-19 in December 2020, the album was postponed according to Naver.

The singer talked about her experience with the virus at a press conference held to celebrate the release of the record. She said, “I was thinking about the things I was grateful for during that time.” Fortunately, I did not go out because I found out early on that I had contracted the virus. Fortunately, I was asymptomatic and had no fever.” She added that she had recovered completely since then, and that she hoped that her fans would no longer worry.”


As she said, “As this album was a long journey, I thought for a moment about wanting to win the top spot as a sort of reward,” Chungha stressed the importance of health over setting new records. In the planning process, however, I learned even more stuff, so I think it would be nice to share those moments with everyone. She said, “I want to show everybody that I’m in good health. A lot of fans are still out there who don’t know that I’ve healed. I want to show them that I’m doing better with a safe promotion of my record.

The singer has bee busy also with philanthropy. On February 8, ChildFund Korea said, “Chungha has become the Green Noble Club’s 250th patron.” They added, “We share our deep gratitude to the patron who shares love for vulnerable children even when everyone is going through a difficult time due to COVID-19.”

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In 2019, Chungha launched her donations with 50 million won (about $44,800) to pay for care fees for sick children, and in 2020 she also donated to support children from low-income families suffering because of COVID-19, to pay for sick children’s treatment, and to help the “Santa Expedition” campaign at the end of the year. She has contributed 120 million won so far (about $107,000).

She also gave greetings for the Lunar New Year Which you can also watch below.

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