CIMON The Basketball Sized AI Robot is Now Aboard The ISS

The International Space Station’s New AI-Powered Bot CIMON


CIMON - Geek Impulse

Composite image of CIMON, showing how the bot will look once it’s deployed on the ISS. Seems friendly enough, Image: DLR



CIMON, is a floating robot equipped with Artificial Intelligence. The companion will serve along side crew of the ISS and serve as an assistant. Everyone who loves HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, should be geeking out about this latest news. Of course the hope is that its a less evil than HAL. 


On Friday, SpaceX successfully launched a recycled Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida carrying around 6,000 pounds of cargo to the ISS. In addition to delivering genetically identical mice, super-caffeinated coffee, and other supplies, the CRS-15 Dragon capsule contains CIMON, the first interactive flight companion to take part in an ISS mission. 



An Excerpt from Gizmodo:


Once aboard, CIMON—short for Crew Interactive Mobile companioN—will assist the crew with its many activities. The point of this pilot project is to see if an artificially intelligent bot can improve crew efficiency and morale during longer missions, including a possible mission to Mars. What’s more, activities and tasks performed by ISS crew members are starting to get more complicated, so an AI could help. CIMON doesn’t have any arms or legs, so it can’t assist with any physical tasks, but it features a language user interface, allowing crew members to verbally communicate with it. The bot can display repair instructions on its screen, and even search for objects in the ISS. With a reduced workload, astronauts will hopefully experience less stress and have more time to relax.







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