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Clear Soy Sauce

Clear Soy Sauce is called Tomei Shoyu (Transparent Soy Sauce). There are several types of “soy sauce,” including koikuchi (dark-colored, standard variety), usukuchi (light-colored), saishikomi (fermented), tamari (darker and milder), and shiro (dark-colored, milder) (amber-colored). Fundodai Goyo, a soy sauce and miso company celebrating its 150th anniversary, created a breakthrough product in spring 2019 that challenges our conventional beliefs of soy sauce.

Clear Soy Sauce is the Future!

Clear Soy Sauce

Soy sauce distillate, salt, brewed vinegar, seasoning, trehalose, and alcohol are stated as ingredients. Tomei Shoyu (Transparent Soy Sauce) is essentially honjozo (naturally brewed) koikuchi soy sauce with the black pigments removed using a mechanism that takes a year and a half to manufacturethis clear soy sauce.

Tomei Shoyu’s rapid increase in popularity is due to its ability to bring out the inherent hues of the foods. It can be used as a hidden condiment in pasta by an Italian restaurant chef to give the meal the rich flavor of soy sauce while maintaining the dish’s lovely colors. Local chefs laud this new form of soy sauce as an intriguing condiment that brings out the chef’s whimsical side.

150-year tradition of soy sauce making has changed

Because this soy sauce is translucent, it is less likely than other types to leave a dark stain on your clothes. Restaurants in Ginza, for example, may find this soy sauce useful because many clients come dressed up. “We use the traditional method of fermenting ingredients for six months before extracting the brightly colored and flavorful kiage. In recent years, about 8% of businesses have followed this customary procedure. “We combine tradition and technology to create a wide range of flavors in our goods,” says president and CEO of Fundo Dai Osamu Yamamura.

“We don’t just want to sell stuff.” Yamamura says, “We want to be the window through which people may experience Japan’s food culture.” The rich aroma of the clear soy sauce complements a wide range of cuisines without altering the color of the original ingredients. So far, almost 400,000 bottles have been sold.

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