New York Stunned by Cobra Kai Prank From YouTube Red!


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YouTube Red wants to get more people into watching their show Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai is the continuing saga of The Karate Kid which came to the big screen in 1984. The new YouTube Red Original Cobra Kai has some of the Iconic actors from the film such as Ralph Macchio who plays Daniel. Here is the Synopsis:

Set thirty years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, the series focuses on Johnny Lawrence reopening the Cobra Kai dojo, which causes his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso to be reignited.



Geek Impulse as well as everyone else can relate to this.  When a seemingly random New Yorker gets pushed around by a bully. It is so incredibly satisfying when you see revenge upon said bully. Take a look for yourself in this fantastic Cobra Kai prank video debuting exclusively on Geek Impulse.





In an attempt to promote YouTube Red’s new Karate Kid saga, Cobra Kai, James Percelay, Sam Pezzullo, and Michael Krivicka helped engineer this genius prank that involved actors (one who actually has a black belt in karate), along with rigged props, and a bunch of innocent bystanders who stop and stare in total aww about what is happening in front of them. The scene took about 10 minutes to reset and many more minutes to clear out the bystanders so new ones can unknowingly walk by. 




Cobra Kai Prank  - Geek Impulse

Setting up the elaborate prank.
Photo: Emon Hassan (Thinkmodo)

What do you all think of this? This prank is funny. Geek Impulse would like to express the fact that we do not support violence nor do we participate or believe in pranking people and bullying is an issue that is not ok. Will you watch the new series? Let us discuss below. If you have been bullied or know someone who has been here is a website with sources to help



Cobra Kai Prank - Geek Impulse

Now there is two pieces
Photo: Emon Hassan (Thinkmodo)



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