Coca Cola Japan Now Has A New Glorious Way To Get Your Money. Its a Genius 1.

Coca Cola Japan

Collect a regular drink from any Coke ON qualifying vending machine for a monthly charge! Often running out of spare change when you really need it? Coca Cola Japan is offering a subscription service that allows you to buy drinks from vending machines using only a smartphone app.

Starting in mid-April, Coke On app users will be able to redeem one soda per day from participating vending machines for a flat monthly fee of ¥2700. Early birds will get even more benefit from the service since the subscription will be half price (¥1,350) if they sign up before May 31. Information on whether the reduced price is only for the first month have yet to be published. We sure hope that price is permanent after you sign up during the promotion time, because it works out to just 43 cents per drink (for months with 31 days).

Coca Cola Japan Coke On Is it Worth It?

Coca Cola Japan
© Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd.

You don’t have to drink Coke to reap the benefits; the Coca Cola Japan Company sells a number of other drinks, from iced green tea to ginger ale. To make the subscription worthwhile, you will need to pass a Coke On the vending machine on a regular basis.

Coke ON” is a useful and beneficial Coca Cola Japan official smartphone app that allows you to collect 15 stamps and receive a one-drink ticket. Drink tickets can be exchanged for a free Coca-Cola product, and you can choose your choice. PayPay, LINE Pay, Rakuten Pay (app payment), au PAY, d-payment, Melpay, credit cards, and other cashless payment systems are sponsored by “Coke ON Pay.”

Apart from the pass, the Coke ON app has other features, such as participating in competitions if you walk enough, so if you’re a fan of the brand, try everything out! The above photo is an example of what it looks like using the app. If you live in Japan or are traveling there soon, you can get the  Coke On Apple smartphone, or using an android app by google using those hyperlinks.

Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited is a beverage manufacturer and distributor based in Japan. The company makes a range of beverages, including juices, carbonated beverages, functional beverages, filtered water, and other products. Coca-Cola (Japan) sells its goods all over the world.

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