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The People behind such works as Max Payne and Alan Wake are developing an unknown

project Codenamed P7. The Secret Project is said to be released early to mid 2019. About

the only things at this point that we know about said project is that it will be a third person

shooter game.

The game is set to take place in a new universe created by Remedy Entertainment. It is

said to be an experience that is “Long-Lasting” so that players can have an ongoing


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What got us to the information was the release of their 2017 financial statement by the

company where they said “Remedy said the game—which will be published by Payday 2

publisher 505 Games—has “progressed according to our plans”, leaving pre-production

last year.” The statement also revealed to the public that there is to be another

announcement for a third project later this year. Aside from P7 and this new project,

Remedy is still developing the story mode for upcoming FPS Crossfire 2.

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