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Coffee jelly pudding frappe

We adore Starbucks’ Frappuccinos, but we can’t always afford to spend 600-800 yen (US$5.53 to $7.38) every time we want a delicious beverage, but we do it anyway. That’s why we appreciate Frappes, McDonald’s version of iced, blended coffee drinks. They’re just as varied as Starbucks, with just as many, if not more, seasonal flavors, and they’re typically much less expensive! It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

In reality, their most recent seasonal item is a delectably indulgent dessert drink called the Coffee Jelly Pudding Frappe, which we just had to try. This limited-edition drink, which was released on March 10, is sure to fulfill both your sugar craving and your need for the intensity of coffee.

The Coffee Jelly Pudding Frappe in The Wild

Coffee jelly pudding frappe
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The alluringly thick custard pudding-flavored (or purin-flavored, to use the pudding’s Japanese name) Frappe mix is the main attraction in this drink, and and as you probably guessed it is scrumptiously sweet. The abundant, mildly bitter coffee jelly cubes complement this, and will help to reboot your palate if the drink becomes too sweet. This drink blends a diverse array of flavor combinations that all work together to make each sip a unique experience, with a topping of whipped cream and bittersweet caramel sauce, all topped off with a cherry.

Mcdonald’s restaurants that also have an in-store sub-brand McCafe by Barista cafe are now selling the Coffee Jelly Pudding Frappe in a medium size for 490 yen. There are 139 McCafe by Barista McDonald’s in Japan, so you should be able to find one near you and try this Coffee Jelly Pudding Frappe until it leaves at the end of April.

Allergen Information

As of December 2020, McDonald’s Japan’s allergen knowledge only covers seven ingredients that must be listed on the label and twenty-one that are recommended by the Japanese Food Labeling Standard (Food Labeling Act). You can find in-depth information on the official website here.

McDonald’s Japan nutritional data displays numerical values derived from nutritional review of standard product requirements and preparations in accordance with the “Food Labeling Standards” (Food Labeling Act). The information is obtained without examination for parts of the ingredients by consulting the “Normal Tables of Food Composition in Japan 2015 (Seventh Revised Version)” (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

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