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Comic-Con’s SAMS Geek Impulse

Comic-Con’s Storytelling Across Media (SAMS) Symposium 2019

San Diego, CA – On the day of Comic-Con’s Storytelling Across Media (SAM) Symposium, excited fans gathered to hear secrets of how storytelling and sound come together to create magic on screen. The experts on the “Storytelling with Sound & Music” panel conversation included composer Chad Cannon (American Factory), composer Anne Katherin Dern (The Jade Pendant), composer Sam Ewing (The Walking Dead), music editor Shie Rozow (Wu-Tang: An American Saga), and composer George Shaw (Escape the Night). Moderated by Kaya Savas of Film.Music.Media. Comic-Con Museum Theater. The panel was moderated Kaya Savas, journalist, and founder of Film.Music.Media.

The panel started off with none other than George Shaw, who talked about his music created for the hit murder-mystery reality web series for YouTube. The show Escape the Night. George said, “The first season had a very traditional orchestral score, the second season is more Victorian and still orchestral with some electronics, and then the third season takes place in the 1970s so the music is sort of horror disco – which I’m not sure existed until now. I expanded the palette with voices and world instruments over the course of the show.”

Comic-Con’s SAMS Geek Impulse
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The roles of composers and music editors are a part of what makes the magic happen for film and tv. It is not an easy task to elicit the right emotions and grab the audience’s attention to make them connect with the characters in a much deeper way. Shie Rozow discussed this in great detail, “Music editing is very creative but also very technical, and composing is mostly creative. I get to feed both sides of my brain and personality which is gratifying. Working as a music editor helps me become a better composer and vice versa.” Shie went on the say, “As a music editor I spend a lot of time on the dub stage and I see what works and what doesn’t so when I’m writing as a composer, I have more knowledge than someone who has never been on a dub stage. When I’m music editing other people’s music and need to do a rewrite, I think to myself, ‘If I was the composer, what would I do.’ It helps to have that insight and understanding.”

When speaking on the topic of documentaries and scoring them, Chad Cannon commented, “the documentary genre is having a rebirth and there are lots of exciting opportunities for composers. American Factory is an example of that. When scoring a documentary, you walk a delicate line of influencing the audience’s emotions with music. For instance, we can’t don’t want to portray the Chinese billionaire as Darth Vador.” Anne-Kathrin Dern reflected on The Jade Pendant, “My main inspiration was Schindler’s List since our film is about the Chinese genocide in the LA area in 1871. I developed different themes depending on the characters – the cowboys, for instance, had more Americana and fiddle sounds and I used more Chinese instruments for the Chinese immigrants. We decided this would be an old-schooled score with thematic material.”

It was a great night at Comic-Con’s SAMS which also included Sam Ewing who shared his experiences collaborating with Bear McCreary for the music of The Walking Dead, “The show evolved and as we got into this post-apocalyptic world the music also evolved. We got more into analog synths as well as some guitars and fiddles in Season 9 and 10.”

Impact 24 brought some incredible talent for the event. You can find out more about the company and what they do. This panel was produced by Impact24 Public Relations and its team members and was a part of the second annual “Storytelling with Sound & Music” panel series at Comic-Con International’s Storytelling Across Media Symposium. Impact24 PR is dedicated to capturing the spotlight for the talent behind-the-camera and behind-the-curtain and supports many of the industry’s leading creative artists, including composers, cinematographers, VFX companies, production designers, makeup artists, editors, costume designers, and more. For more information on the company and panelists, visit or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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