A Conversation With Junji Ito at Crunchyroll Expo That Was Happiness for 17 people There

A Conversation With Junji Ito at Crunchyroll Expo

Being able to speak with Junji Ito at Crunchyroll Expo was exciting. We did not get to ask about the show coming to Adult Swim, but we did get to ask about a lot of other things. In case you were wondering Uzumaki Uzumaki tells of a small Japanese town slowly succumbing to a supernatural fixation on spirals. They appear in nature, in architecture, in fashion. But what if the spirals had an otherworldly hold on people? What if they took over the town? And what if they took over the world? This is from the three-volume epic that initially ran in 1998-1999.

A Conversation With Junji Ito at Crunchyroll Expo:


Recently you released your first art book called Igyō Sekai, How did that come about, and was it that made you decide you should finally release this? Also, was there anything in that didn’t make it into the book that you wish did?


Junji Ito – 30 years have gone by since I started. The publishing company approached me and we discussed the book. They said, “It’s your 30th anniversary, so we should make a book. I wasn’t really confident in releasing the book because it is just art and no words. Those in charge worked really hard to make this book a reality. There were some originals that we had a hard time getting because those companies shut down. You can find the interview in its entirety on YouTube.

Featured image is from an Interview with Grape Japan. You can find a link to their article here. It is interesting to see just how different it is here in America when asking such a profound artist questions. I thought that there wasn’t deep enough questions. That is just my opinion though. We hope you enjoyed the interview.

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