Corrupt? 3 Decades of High Scores by Billy Mitchell Deleted!



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The ‘King of Kong’ Gamer Billy Mitchell Gets 3 Decades of High Scores Deleted From History


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OTTUMWA, IA – AUGUST 13: Billy Mitchell, the Video Game Player of the Century, poses while Steve Sanders, ‘The Orignal King of Kong,’ plays Donkey Kong at the launch party for the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum on August 13, 2009 in Ottumwa, Iowa. Ottumwa was officially proclaimed the Video Game Capital of the World at the launch party and plans are underway to build a full museum in the small Iowa city. The rivelry of Sanders and Mitchell is documented in the movie ‘The King of Kong’ where they played each other for the best score ever. (Photo by David Greedy/Getty Images)



Billy Mitchell also known as the King Of Kong Pac-Man has been banned from gaming. He has held the high scores in such games as Donkey Kong and . Billy’s entire legacy is no more. Three decades of scores have been erased. This comes after a review of video tape from the past 7 years dating back to 2010. Billy is being accused of using an emulator. 


Twin Galaxies, the Iowa gaming institution that tracks these kinds of records, said on Thursday that they had collected enough evidence to determine that Mitchell cheated in his winning Donkey Kong scores, three of which exceeded 1 million points. Screens that Billy Mitchell had submitted as part of his record-breaking runs were impossible to attain without using emulation software, known as MAME, explained Twin Galaxies. You can read the full statement here. 



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This news saddens us as we as gamers especially like myself from the arcade era admired him. Like we say here at Geek Impulse, ”Doing the Right Thing, Is Always The Right Thing.” (Gary Vaynerchuk)

With an emulator, a player could modify the game’s parameters, preserve save states and revisit them to undo an adverse outcome, or alter other variables that are not part of the game on its original hardware. (Polygon)



Do you these allegations are real? What are your thoughts on these allegations? Did you ever meet Billy Mitchell? Lets discuss in the comments below. 



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