Cosplay Costumes We Expect to See When Conventions Come Back Top 5 Riveting Selections

Cosplay Costumes

It has been only about a year since the pandemic caused major gatherings to shut down indefinitely, such as anime conventions. We expect things to pick back up soon and these cosplay costumes to be front and center.

While waiting for the world to return to normal, we have to wonder what the hot new cosplays we will spot when conventions finally return! What anime and video game characters in 2020/2021 will stick long enough in the mainstream consciousness to make fans dress up as them? Here are Geek Impulse’s theories and speculation!

Cosplay Costumes
The Ashen Wolves from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Beautiful thief Yuri, charismatic debt-dodger Balthus, emotionally unstable former noble Constance, and jaded outcast Hapi are the four members of the as-yet-unseen Ashen Wolves house. As well as the shared class and DLC clothes, each student has a pre-and post-time skip style, so there are plenty of looks to choose from.

cosplay costumes
Zagreus from Hades

We expect to see cosplay costumes of almost all of this game’s creatively crafted gods and heroes, but the one we’re likely to see the most is Zagreus’ the main character. He has an easily identifiable costume that is easy to wear and not terribly hard to construct. Bonus points to whoever creates a plush or bring a real-life version of Zagreus’ faithful hellhound Cerberus.

Cosplay Costumes
Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay Costume

Yes, we just found out she is 9 ft tall. Though we doubt someone will be able to pull off the height, they sure can pull off this simple yet towering cosplay. This is by @squishubunny. Lady Dimitrescu’s full name is Alcina Dimitrescu. Her last name has a Greek origin According to Inverse. She is associated with the Greek GODDESS OF FERTILITY.

Cosplay costumes
Post-Timeskip Eren Yeager From Final Season of Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager’s post-time skip style, either in his “Amputee-kun” disguise from early on or his chiseled “Chad Eren” look from a few episodes later, will be the easiest and perhaps most popular cosplay costumes of this part of the series.

Cosplay Costumes
Hana Uzaki from Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

With just thrift store finds and a cheap label maker, this would be cheap as far as cosplay costumes are concerned. Not to mention a super simple one to pull off. The endearingly obnoxious main character of Summer 2020’s Uzaki-chan Needs to Hang Out is Hana Uzaki. Be sure whomever you take photos with knows the jokes.

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