Cosplayer/Creator Spotlight: Kadu

If you are a fan of League of Legends you should be aware of all the amazing cosplay that it generates. Some Cosplayers have become well known for there portrayal of certain Champions. Today we will get to hear from Cosplayer Kadu and learn about him and the amazing work he has done.

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Kadu in his most recent cosplay True Damage Ekko

Q: What got you into cosplay? 

“Back in 2009 some friends and I went to New York Anime Fest (what’s now NYCC) and I was mesmerized by all the cool people walking around as my favorite characters. I don’t know what possessed me but wanted to be apart of it. So the following year at the same con, I did my first cosplay. The rest snowballed into place, met cosplayers in the same series, made new friends and found myself wanting to branch out to other Cons.” 

Q: You don’t just work in front of the camera but behind it, when did that start? 

“I’m not too sure, to be honest. Even before cosplay, I was always editing photos. Eventually, I just melded my two passions. I want to say it was in 2014 that I got my own camera and edited pictures.”

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Kadu photo editing skills

Q: When did you start getting recognized for your work as both cosplayer and photographer?

“As a cosplayer, most if not all my recognition came from League of Legends. I have always been a big fan of League and 2 weeks before Otakon 2013 Riot dropped concept art for the new Champion Lucian. Out of all my League friends I was the most hyped. As there resident cosplayer, the response I got was Kaddddd you gottaa!!! and that was all the motivation I needed. Thanks to them, I was able to get that cosplay finished in time for the con. While at Otakon I was able to meet so many people and other amazing cosplayers that loved my Lucian cosplay. After the convention To my surprise, I found out Riot Games had come across my work and featured it on the OG summoner’s Showcase. This recognition only fueled my passion for cosplay and to make more league related projects. I am very grateful for the relationship I have with Riot to this day. 

 As a photographer, I’m still trying to be noticed haha. I edit photos as personal work but at the end of the day, artists want to be heard. So I don’t think I’ve had nearly as much success with my photography when I compare it to what I’ve done with cosplay. “

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Q: Recently Riot invited you and a few others to unveil the True Damage skins, how was that experience, how was that experience compare to other times you have been sent out to League events?

“When it comes to the True Damage project, I’ve had two experiences. The first part was getting the outfit made and the photoshoot. This was a different experience, challenging yet blissful. This was the first time Riot asked me to do a cosplay for them, and on top of that, a cosplay for a skin no one knew about. So my very first challenge was keeping my mouth shut. Riot gives me this epic skin to cosplay, so my first urge is like YOOO LOOK AT THIS FAM! But, that wouldn’t fly. My homies @Ninjadeecos and @xXSnowFrostXx cosplay helped me put the outfit together while I focused more on the props. Fast forward a bit and I get flown out to LA to do the actual shoot. There I can finally see who the other cosplayers are, their outfits, etc. 10/10 moments. It was such a fun time hanging out and shooting with everyone. We got to use a Studio actual artist use on daily so it felt really cool.”

“I get home for a couple days and get contacted again, asking if I wanted to go to Worlds in Paris as TD Ekko. Of course I’m saying yes to this, so the team and I go to Paris and we hang out with fans for the first couple days, get to meet the actual artist of True Damage and explore Paris the following days. It was a really nice few days.”

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True Damage Crew

“As for how it compares, the experience that comes to mind right away has to be when Riot sent me to worlds in China. Even though I had an amazing time in Paris, the Bejing Worlds trip will always be an unrivaled special experience for me.”

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Project Ekko Worlds 2017

Q: Any advice you wanna share with aspiring cosplayers/creators? 

Most advice I can give on actual crafting can be found online. You all have so much nowadays, I’m jealous. But here is some timeless advice to follow; don’t compare yourself to others, stay humble, enjoy yourself. If you’re not having fun, there’s no point. 

Q: What project do you have in the works?

“I’m currently working on High Noon Lucian! The League cosplay train never stops. As for photography, I have recently published my first photobook. The theme revolves around transforming people into food or various dishes in creative ways. I’m currently working on a huge year-long project focused around cars and racing. I’m super excited about this and already reached out to many people to be apart of it. I hope you’ll look forward to it. Thank you.”

If you wanna check out more of his work Check out his Instagram page @kadu_out or for his photography work.  He is also on Twitter @kaduOut and @LagoonOut

What do you think about the interview? Would you like to see more of these types of articles? Let me know in the comments. 

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