Cosplayer Enako Appears For Cover of Photo Album

Cosplayer Enako Appears Nude Geek Impulse Japan

She Says, “Behind her choice is something very deep, and uniquely meaningful.”

As we mentioned in a previous article, Enako is honorably called ‘Japan’s number-one cosplayer.’ This was given to her by the otaku community as well as the media. She draws crowds of hundreds outdoors to take photos of her. In a single day, she has been reported to make 10 million yen in one day which is the equivalent to $92,000. There is no one in Japan or perhaps in Asia that can compete at the same level of her popularity and success.

Fans have been demanding to see more of Enako. At just 25 years old, her fans desire seems to be never ending. Because of this, she has announced that she’ll be releasing her first-ever physical photo album for a major publisher. For a list of where to purchase here is a PDF. Titled Enako cosplayer, the album will feature Enako modeling cosplay outfits for characters from a host of manga and anime series from publisher Shueisha. Titles such as One Piece and Dragon Ball. The wardrobe choice for the cover is what has fans in excitement.

Enako will appear in the nude on both the book’s standard version (pictured on the left in the above tweet) as well as the limited-edition which is only being sold through online marketplace Seven Net (seen on the right).

We cannot believe that Enako and Shueisha are not aware of the impact these minimal heat sexy covers will have on her fans. Enako is considered by most to wildly attractive and far from ordinary as she is highly photogenic.

Never the less, buyers have their primary reasons for purchasing the book. Cosplayer Enako’s book goes on sale March 28th and is priced at $25 or ¥2,800 and can currently be pre-ordered through Amazon. Here is the link once more if you missed it above.

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