Cosplayer Enako Celebrates Her Birthday, Reveals Staggering Income, and addresses the backlash for “Seggsy” Photos

Cosplayer Enako

On the 16th, cosplayer Enako, dubbed “Japan’s top cosplayer,” staged a birthday celebration titled “Enako Birthday Party 2022″ in Tokyo. She expressed her gratitude for the time she spent with the fans at the event, which included music, chats, and gifts.

Cosplayer Enako Says she made 100 million yen

Cosplayer Enako

Enako shared a SEXY photo of herself wearing a kimono-style haori and Japanese-patterned undergarments, with a stunning bust and tightness. Because she doesn’t appear to be wearing pants in the photo, she sat upright on her back and vocalized “I’m wearing it properly.”

At the chat event, cosplayer Enako too questions from fans. Some of those questions were a bit over the top, while others were respectful. Some commented on how nice her skin looked and some of the women asked how she takes such diligent care of herself. She spoke, “I changed the lotion I use about half a year ago, I changed my routine to include products from LANCOME.”

How much did Cosplayer Enako make in 2021?

Cosplayer Enako
© Cosplayer Enako (@Enakorin)

Enako, who recently took part in the “Comic Market 99” circle, said that she had a reflection meeting with her agency’s president this year, and that “I realized this year’s annual income was over 100 million yen!” She not only cosplayed this year, but she also increased her gravure activities, and she was featured in more than 70 magazines in 2021.

Looking back on the previous 12 months, “I was able to update the number of gravure cover books I had set as my target for this previous year, and I was able to meet the annual income I had set with which was a high goal! Thank you very much to all my fans. In 2022, I will continue to work hard and do my best without forgetting my accomplishments and fans. Thank you very much.”

Enako’s company representation, PP Enterprise Co., Ltd., has launched a gravure idol and cosplayer fan club on the subscription-based fan community platform “Mi-muse by Mi-glamu.” There are a few images, videos, and other perks accessible.

Cosplayer Enako shows her costume room which is so large it resembles a warehouse.

Cosplayer Enako
© PP Enterprise Co., Ltd

Earning a stable income from cosplaying is the ultimate ambition for many cosplayers. For one 27-year-old cosplayer Enako, that dream is a reality. She has acquired the title of “Japan’s number one cosplayer” thanks to the large crowds she draws at events and her astronomical earnings of about $857,550 and growing.

Enako provides an opportunity to what is characterized as a “costume warehouse” in the video below, however she modestly refers to it as a “costume room” that her company looks after for her. She said she hasn’t counted all of the outfits in the room but guesses there are roughly 400-500 in transparent bins.

It’s fascinating to get a glance into the world of the country’s most famous cosplayer and observe the effort that goes into her astronomically high earnings. Enako’s current ensembles are a lot more revealing now that she’s made a name for herself in the field of gravure modeling, so they won’t take up much space in her wardrobe warehouse.

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