Cosplayers in Asia Revealing How ‘Normal’ They Look

Cosplay has seen so much growth around the world. It has even escalated to celebrity style status in the United States. The trend has been going since the 1990s. This trend seems to not be slowing down anytime soon. Conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, Anime Expo and Comiket in Japan have dedicated cosplayers that attract fans to these events. This new twitter trend will soon catch on here in the U.S. as Asia, especially Japan cosplay is the most popular. You can catch Japan’s number one cosplayer at this link. The Japanese hashtag #レイヤーのオンとオフ (which roughly translates to “Cosplayer On/Off”) has people sharing before-and-after pics of their best transformations and how skilled they are with makeup.

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One of the most recognizable cosplayers in the world is Jessica Nigri. She gained in popularity years ago with her ‘Sexy Pikachu’ photo that almost broke the internet. Since then she has appeared in multiple conventions as an official cosplay model. Her fandom has grown to such extremes levels and this is cemented by all the Facebook fan pages, Tumblrs, and a subreddits dedicated just to her cosplay. Social media has provided a platform for these models to make a living and gain a following of sincere and die-hard fans.



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People are very impressed with this trend and are giving love to the cosplayers for being brave by sharing how they look without all the makeup and character dress. In the hashtag being used, there is a clear difference between the reveals in the west and the reveals in Asia. Some argue that the west is just trying to jump on the trend to go viral as some cosplayers are clearly trying to look their ‘best’ by still wearing light makeup.


Featured Photo is of @ylcnyk555

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