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Hi Score Girl Author Rensuke Oshikiri Launches Crowdfunding for Zashiki-Warashi no Tatami-chan Horror Comedy Anime

A crowdfunding campaign is currently available if you always wanted to be a part of the creative process. Its to create a new anime from mangaka Rensuke Oshikiri, whose works High Score Girl and Pupipo! were adapted into television anime in 2013 and 2018, respectively. The working title is Zashiki-Warashi no Tatami-chan and is being coined as a new original anime that will mark the author’s directorial debut. In addition, he will be handling the screenplay, art, original character designs, and debut as a voice actor in the role of the main character, Tatami-chan.

According to crunchyroll, The story of Zashiki-warashi no Tatami-chan follows Tatami-chan, a household deity from Tono City in Iwate Prefecture, who moves to the big city of Tokyo. However, Tatami-chan uses up all of her limited funds to rent a rundown apartment that doesn’t have gas, water, or electricity, so she’s forced to take on human and yokai roommates and to look for a part-time job.

The Oshikiri-led production will be animated by studio Zero-G (Grand Blue, Tsugumomo). The project has a goal of 5,000,000 yen (approximately US$45,800) on the crowdfunding platform Makuake and, as of this release, has accumulated 810,000 yen (approximately US$7,423) with 49 days remaining. Zashiki-Warashi no Tatami-chan has been guided by a production committee over the past two years, with roughly 12 episodes scripted so far. Oshikiri has expressed that the funds will be allocated to improve the product and that regardless of its success on Makuake it will be produced.

The rewards for the crowdfunding supporters include mobile phone wallpaper (for good luck and fortune), acrylic key holders, T-shirts, Oshikiri’s original pilot video, the Blu-ray release, reproductions of the key art, theme song CDs, postcards, and production design collections. For people who fund 500,000 yen (about US$4,600) or more, the staff will offer to produce an original episode “just for you.”

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