Cute Anime Girls – 7 of The Super Short Girls In Anime Part 1

Cute Anime Girls

For this list I’ll be rating mainly the cute anime girls their character designs and importance of each character in media, as there’s no real criterion for this list except being… short.

Anime can easily be renamed as the most addictive form of comic art. Having bathed its readers with captivating characters and plots, the artistic medium continues to pump out new ones from its cavern of limitless imagination. Sometimes presenting bizarre and captivating characters, anime often reforms a comic book reader’s view of characters and storylines, bringing them to new horizons of retinal excitement. Que our article on Cute Anime Girls.

Nezuko – ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’

Cute Anime Girls

After being transformed into a demon, Nezuko and her brother Tanjiro look for ways to turn her back. And while it’s in a demon’s nature to consume people, Nezuko is able to control her impulses and maintain her dignity. Who knew a demon could become so adorable? She is and made our list of cute anime girls.

Shiro – ‘No Game No Life’

Cute Anime Girls

Shiro is the main female protagonist of the No Game No Life series and the cool and methodical half of the siblings. Shiro is described as a genius in logic and challenges but has trouble understanding feelings or actions, relying on Sora to assist her in defeat beings with emotions such as Tet in their chess game.

Rikka Takanashi – Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Cute Anime Girls
© Kyoto Animation

Rikka Takanashi is a chūnibyō practitioner who enrolls in Icho Private High School, the same school as Yuuta Togashi. With the exception of Yuuta, she also suffers from chūnibyō or eighth-grader syndrome. She claims she is a mage possessed by the “Tyrant’s Eye” that will expose fates. She wears a surgical eyepatch over her right eye to conceal her “Tyrant’s Eye.”

Eri – ‘My Hero Academia’

Cute Anime Girls
© Studio Bones

Eri is a cute anime girls list must and is an important character from the anime/manga series My Hero Academia. She is a little girl with both the Quirk to rewind and undo the state of living things. She has a tiny horn on the upper-right side of her head, this horn appears to expand in accordance with her Rewind Quirk. Owing to Overhaul’s experiments of detaching and reconstructing her, she has a variety of scars around her arms.

Yui Hirasawa – ‘K-On!’

Cute Anime Girls
© Kyoto Animation

Yui Hirasawa has been one of the 5 central protagonists in K-ON!. She’s also the primary protagonist. She is the air-headed lead guitarist and vocalist of the group Ho-kago Tea Time. Always looking for a good time, Yui is fearless; anxiety and stage fright are unknown to her. She likes anything cute and provides a lot of physical contact with others including holding hands or kissing. Such a part of the cute anime girls world.

Rem – ‘Re:ZERO’

Cute Anime Girls
© White Fox

Rem (レム) is a maid in the charge of lord Roswaal L Mathers, accompanying her sister, Ram. She is one of the main supporting characters of Re:Zero, with significant roles across both Arc 2 and Arc 3. Within the first half of Arc 2, she also acted as the secondary antagonist.

Nadeshiko Kagamihara – ‘Laid Back Camp’

Cute Anime Girls
© C-Station

Nadeshiko Kagamihara is a young girl who resides in Yuru CampΔ as successful transfer to Motosu High School from Nanbu-chō (Nanbu town) and the baby sister of Sakura Kagamihara. She lived for many years in Hamamatsu-city on the the southwest shore of Shizuoka prefecture. Last on our list of cute anime girls, but not because she is last, she is jusr wholesome and great.

You can see a big list on Cute anime girls can appear in any series as well as male characters, but they appear to be concentrated in the slice of life genre – Nadeshiko Kagamihara from Laid Back Camp, a soothing anime about camping, comes to mind. There are some rare examples from shonen, including Izuku Midoriya as a little boy, and Rem from Re:Zero. There are also some adorable anime characters from sports anime – Onoda Sakamichi will have you performing the Love Hime theme song long after you’ve done Yowamushi Pedal.

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