CYBERJAPAN Go-Go Dancers Are Kawaii, Talented, and Captivating the Internet. 9000 Hearts


CYBERJAPAN Is Captivating The Internet for their cosplay, cuteness, and raw talent.

A website magazine was launched in 1995 by Mitomi Tokoto. This was the age of internet emergence in Japan. This was also the beginning of CYBERJAPAN. At the time it was considered the only website that was showcasing DJ interviews, videos, and photos of parties and giving the world insight into the Japanese club culture and nightlife. It was the only one at the time doing this internationally. By the Year 2000, Mitomi Tokoto decided to create his own events. One was called ‘Bikini Night’ and that very day Cyber Japan Dancers were formed. They became a Go-Go Dancing group who would dance while the DJ Played.


Mitomi Tokoto now manages DJ’s Music Producers and of course, manages the Cyber Japan Dancer Talent. They produce a wide range of content. They do club events, festivals, and parties around the world even on your yacht. They do product promotion as well.

They are not just pretty faces and easy on the eyes. Many of them have talent. Take Kozue for example. No one would guess that if you made her angry she can grab the nearest knife and cut your head off. Take a look at this talent.

We suggest you check them out because these ladies deserve the attention from their hard work.

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