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Cyberpunk 2077

So much controversy with Cyberpunk 2077 that we had to put everything into one article

First off let us talk about how the game is played on consoles because Sony is not happy. In a recent interview, PlayStation CEO and President Jim Ryan seemed to blame CD Project Red for publishing Cyberpunk 2077 in such a messy state. The status of the two companies’ working relationships is currently uncertain. Following widespread outrage over Cyberpunk 2077’s sloppy debut, CDPR promised refunds to players on all platforms, surprising both platform owners and retailers. To be honest, it is unclear if Ryan’s remarks were intended as an overt dig at CDPR. The most high-profile example of a broken game in recent memory is Cyberpunk 2077. 

Cyberpunk 2077

The game developers did make a lot of promises and did not deliver.  The fact that Cyberpunk 2077 performed poorly on last-gen consoles was the most noticeable one on the launch day. Yes, PC users had their own problems, but the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were plagued by bugs, crashes, softlocks, and low-quality textures. To make matters worse, this came just two weeks after CD Projekt Red asserted the opposite. In an investor call, CEO Adam Kacińsk was asked about last-gen results, and he said it was looking “surprisingly good, I would say for such a huge world.” So, a little smaller, but still excellent.” 

This is not the first time anyone has made such an argument. “We’re focused on providing a very good experience on current-gen consoles[…]fans should expect a really fair offering for whatever we decide to do,” CDPR spokesperson Alvin Liu told Video Games Chronicle in 2019.  

Though acknowledging that they would not be able to achieve high-end PC output on console, Liu promised that “the important thing to us is it will be fluid, and it will play on your console.” Despite this, when in areas with a lot of NPCs, framerate drops were serious and frequent on screen. With menus on consoles taking up to 10 seconds to load at a time, PC players had a major advantage in combat and when using vehicles. Furthermore, due to the absence of key characters from the map, console players were subjected to special softlocks. 

CDPR seemed to be attempting to mask the generation’s poor results. Console review copies were only available during launch week, stopping publications from publishing reviews before fans obtained their copies. Open Critic, a review aggregation website, accused CDPR of being “deceptive, greedy, and exploitative,” citing how the company only sent codes to outlets with high-end PCs and refused to allow them to showcase their own filmed footage.  

A narrator over the E3 2018 trailer says, “We’ve significantly improved our crowd and group processes to create the most realistic city in any open world to date.” Obviously, this commitment was not fulfilled. Nothing will change how stagnant Night City feels, regardless of which version of the game you were playing. The open-world was found to be lacking, with little to no motivation to explore the city or the surrounding Badlands, particularly because side quests and gigs are sent to you via text. Yeah, there are some spectacular views, but Night City exists solely to look pretty and do nothing.  Here is a list of cool weapons in the game and you can find our in-depth article here.  

  • Monowire
  • Coat(s)
  • Mantis Blades
  • Plan B Power Pistol
  • Divided We Stand
  • Gold-Plated Baseball Bat
  • Molarian Arms 3516 (Johnny Silverhand’s Gun)
  • Overwatch Sniper
  • Skippy

Cyberpunk 2077 Developers Hacked and Locked out of Computers

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.2 patch has been postponed due to a cyber assault that has locked some of the game’s developers out of their machines for the past two weeks. Cyberpunk 2077’s patch 1.2 was reportedly delayed in February due to the well-known ransomware assault that hit publisher CD Projekt and developer CD Projekt Red. The attack was first mentioned at the start of the month, but the effect it had on the game was only recently revealed. 

According to insider knowledge, developers operating from home were apparently “locked out of their workstations for the past two weeks,” according to Bloomberg. To put it in perspective, the hackers who targeted CDPR left a ransom note with requests that CD Projekt rejected, so the company decided to disable remote internet access for its workers in an effort to keep the hackers at bay. Workers were unable to access CDPR’s virtual workspace as a result, further slowing fixes and support for the game.  

To make matters worse, the hackers might have accessed personal details such as employee ID numbers, passport information, and probably more. CD Projekt’s workers were officially ordered to freeze all of their accounts and give their work computers to the company’s IT department. This data breach has evidently had a greater effect on the publisher and developer than previously believed, and it puts the decision to postpone Cyberpunk’s 1.2 patch into a much-needed context. 

The CDPR team has had to deal with time pressures and criticism from administrators, as well as online threats and nagging from players. Although CD Projekt remains committed to reviving Cyberpunk 2077, it cannot do so without the support of its creators, who have been through a lot recently. Only time will say if they persevere and see the project through to completion. We are in no way giving them slack for a poor game launch, but they are human like the rest of us and deserve some understanding and they need to keep their word.  

A bit of a tangent, there might be a couple in this article by the way, the post-Lifepath intro montage in Cyberpunk 2077 portrays V’s six-month relationship with Jackie. It should have been available to the public to play. In our opinion.  

If the Lifepath intros are any indicator, Jackie’s relationship with V could have changed depending on which Cyberpunk Lifepath players choose. Jackie and V are friends in the Corpo Lifepath, and V enlists Jackie’s aid with a hit on Arasaka Director of Specialized Police Susan Abernathy. When Abernathy learns of the hit and fires V, Jackie assists V in getting back into society and restarting their lives. Jackie intercepts V on a car theft job in the Street Kid Lifepath, and the two almost get detained.

Given the fact that both Street Kid V and Jackie are from Heywood, they had never met until the busted job, when Jackie offered to have lunch with V. Finally, Jackie is a client of V’s on a job to smuggle products manufactured by the Arasaka Corporation into Night City in the Nomad Lifepath. The job goes wrong, and Jackie and V have to fight off border agents before escaping into Night City. 

Cyberpunk 2077’s Gangs are Weird

Cyberpunk 2077

When the game’s gangs trailer was released, it appeared that the Night City gangs will play a major role in the game. Fans were delighted when the different gangs were unveiled, and they wondered which Cyberpunk gangs players could cooperate with or possibly join. Unfortunately, gangs aren’t as critical as they appear in Cyberpunk 2077. Aside from a few gangs involved in main and side stories, the gangs in Cyberpunk make little sense. 

The gang system in Cyberpunk has a few bright spots. Some gangs will recall the player’s acts against them. The Scavengers will recall V murdering some members of the gang with Jackie in the Sandra Dorsett rescue gig where V assists the Aldecaldos in a deal with the Scavengers. Players will then use this past occurrence to their benefit and threaten the Scavs with respectfully completing the agreement with the Aldecaldos. V is robbed and taken to the same apartment as in “The Rescue” in another side gig involving the Scavs.

While the Gangs of Night City trailer for Cyberpunk was mostly hype, some of the items in the trailer are real. The Voodoo Boys and The Animals call Pacifica home, and it’s an uncivilized part of Night City. The teleporting police in Cyberpunk 2077 does not patrol the area, enabling players to run amok with no real repercussions other than getting into fights with gangs if they get caught in the crossfire. “Everyone in this city lives in their own bubble,” Judy says in the trailer. Regrettably, this is true for the gangs in the game. 

There is no significant movement among the gangs in Night City. Apart from members of 6th Street in Lizzie’s Pub, it’s unusual to see gangs far outside their home districts when they’re not actively active in gigs. Even though Valentinos and 6th Street have beef, and the Valentinos and Maelstrom are battling over eddies, gang violence is non-existent in Cyberpunk. The only people who can see gangs fighting are Cyberpunk’s hastily inserted cops and V himself, regardless of whether V has full Street Cred or not. If players complete Panam’s questline, all gangs will attack V when they are too close or interfere with their business. 

If a gang is heavily influenced by a questline or a decision made by players, power among gangs in Night City’s districts does not alter or move. Players may choose to free Brick, the trapped former Maelstrom chief, in “The Pickup” quest. Brick gives V a favor once he’s released, but the favor is never returned, and V’s friendship with Maelstrom remains unchanged. Despite V’s saving them from being zeroed, Maelstrom will still strike the player in the streets. Making a deal with Militech and Meredith Stout by potentially getting rid of Maelstrom, on the other hand, would have little effect on the gang’s standing in Watson. 

Elon Musk and Cyberpunk Game Relationship

Cyberpunk 2077
© Elon Musk / Twitter

Elon Musk may want to colonize Mars, but first, he wants to put AAA video games in Tesla’s self-driving Cybertrucks and vehicles, such as Cyberpunk 2077. Tesla and its founder, Elon Musk, have become known for their outlandish actions in recent years, from inadvertently breaking a window at a Cybertruck demonstration to Musk’s amusingly called The Boring Company manufacturing a flamethrower.

Musk made headlines recently when he boasted about the Tesla Model S’ gaming capabilities, claiming, “It can run Cyberpunk.” Those unfamiliar with Tesla’s game system might wonder if it is safe to play video games while driving, but there are safeguards in place to avoid any potentially dangerous “gaming and driving.” 

Tesla took care to ensure the safety of this new experience. Although Tesla is working to develop its autonomous driving capabilities, with the goal of achieving full autonomy by the end of 2021, it isn’t ready to let people play games while driving just yet. Although Tesla owners can watch The Witcher (both the show and the game) and play Cyberpunk 2077 in their cars, they will only do so while the car is not in drive mode. Tesla’s big ambitions to reinvent the automotive industry tend to include adding significant gaming features to its vehicles. 

The cyberpunk genre is a narrow one, with few games in the triple-A realm, which is one of the reasons why Cyberpunk 2077 attracted so much publicity when it was first announced in 2012. Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction characterized by AI, cybernetics, bloated megacorporations, and waves of transformation and revolt. Each of these bullet points is discussed in Cyberpunk 2077, but the game focuses predominantly on large companies and their effect on society, leaving players wanting to learn more about the cyberpunk genre.

Here is a list of games that we consider alternatives to the CDPR game.

  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  • Invisible, Inc.
  • VA-11 HALL-A

While Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most popular open-world RPGs set in the cyberpunk universe, several other video games listed above will allow players to further immerse themselves in this specific science fiction subgenre.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 Worth Playing?
Cyberpunk 2077

As of writing this, here is out thoughts. Since its release, CD Projekt Red has been patching the game, and critics have praised the story and open-world action of Cyberpunk 2077. The game still has a long way to go to meet the high expectations set at launch, and it’s far from perfect. However, whether or not it’s worth returning to is highly dependent on the site.

The PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t changed much. Those with strong PCs will find a game that runs smoothly. Those with older computers will still be able to run it, but they’ll be wishing for an update sooner rather than later. There have also been a slew of fixes, especially for the bug that corrupted players’ save files, so players with updated PCs should have little trouble getting through the game.

The more challenging question is whether or not Cyberpunk 2077 should be searched out by PlayStation and Xbox users. The response would be close to that of PC owners for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 owners. Players on these platforms will experience more bugs than PC players, but the game is still playable and enjoyable for the most part.

Cyberpunk 2077 is in a better position now than it was when it first came out, regardless of medium. The question then becomes whether CD Projekt Red will redeem the game in the eyes of the gaming public once the game returns to PlayStation.

A bit of history of CD Projekt Red
Cyberpunk 2077

Marcin Iwiski and Micha Kiciski formed CD Projekt in May 1994. While Iwiski enjoyed playing video games as a boy, he claims that they were rare in communist Poland at the time. Marcin Iwiski was selling damaged copies of Western video games at a Warsaw market while he was in secondary school. Iwiski met Kiciski in high school, and the two became business partners; at the time, Kiciski was still selling video games.

The biggest obstacle CD Projekt faced when it was formed was fighting video game piracy. According to Iwiski, the organization was one of the first in Poland to localize games; the bulk of their goods were sold to “mom-and-pop shops.” In 1996, CD Projekt started partial localization for developers including Seven Stars and Leryx-LongSoft, and a year later, full localization. One of their first popular localization titles, according to Iwiski, was Ace Ventura; while previous localizations had only sold a few hundred copies, Ace Ventura sold thousands, showing the popularity of their localization strategy.

CD Projekt Red created the REDengine game engine specifically for their nonlinear role-playing video games. It’s the successor to the Aurora Engine, which CD Projekt Red had earlier licensed from BioWare for The Witcher’s production.

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