Darling in the Franxx Manga Will Diverge Greatly From The Anime

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On December 30th of 2018, DARLING in the FRANXX manga artist, Kentaro Yabuki gave a special message. It was posted on the Shonen Jump+ website. In it DARLING in the FRANXX it was mentioned that the manga is currently being serialized. He went on to give thanks to loyal readers for their support over the past year. He stated that from the next issue, the story will begin to diverge away from the anime itself.

DARLING in the FRANXX is an original science-fiction anime by Studio Trigger in collaboration with A-1 Pictures. The broadcast came at the beginning of last year at the same time Yabuki’s manga adaptation of the show. The manga itself is still ongoing with the newest chapter being chapter 37 which was published in Shonen Jump+ on Sunday. It is currently free to read for a limited time.

In the same update, Yabuki also revealed sketches of Miku and Kokoro in swimsuits, along with a naked Zero Two wearing a towel (NSFW). This marks the 15th release of Yabuki’s DARLING in the FRANXX sketches.

What do you hope to see in the new divergences that the manga is taking? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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Source: Shonen Jump+ website. Image via Yara-on!

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