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DARLING in the FRANXX Anime by Studio Trigger has concluded several months ago. Aniplex, Has announced that the series soundtrack will be coming to major streaming platforms in Japan. The music is set to be available on the platforms by March 27th. There will be three volumes in total. Each volume will have 21 songs for fans to enjoy. That is 63 song in total, depending on our math. lol

DARLING in the FRANXX was hugely successful. You had celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who claimed to love the anime and that it inspired her to color her hair pink. There is a growing trend of taking music from an anime and making an official soundtrack. Studios make most of their money off of merchandise, so it seems natural for this to be released. There is no word yet if it will be released internationally. You will also be able to find the soundtrack on Apple Music, Rakuten Music, KK Box, YouTube, AWA, Google Play Music, LINE MUSIC, Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify and others.


The distant future: Humanity established the mobile fort city, Plantation, upon the ruined wasteland. Within the city were pilot quarters, Mistilteinn, otherwise known as the “Birdcage.” That is where the children live… Their only mission in life was the fight. Their enemies are the mysterious giant organisms known as Kyoryu. The children operate robots known as FRANXX in order to face these still unseen enemies. Among them was a boy who was once called a child prodigy: Code number 016, Hiro. One day, a mysterious girl called Zero Two appears in front of Hiro. “I’ve found you, my Darling.” – Crunchyroll

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