Deadpool Samurai Manga Is Popular and Just captivated The Internet With My Hero Crossover 1

Deadpool Samurai Manga

Last December 10th, Shueisha and Marvel Comics revealed the Deadpool Samurai manga featuring the Merc with a Mouth that debuted on the Shonen Jump+ app and website.

The series is Marvel’s most recent partnership with a Japanese comics publication, following the annual Marvel Manga Awards competition, which resulted in the release of Oosawa Yuusuke’s five-issue “Spider-Man: Fake Red” by Kodansha. Marvel’s Japanese ventures, which started in 1970 with the very first “Spider-Man” and “Hulk” mangas, have mostly been produced at Kodansha, with last year’s “Marvel Shonen Jump+ Super Collaboration” appearing to become the first at Shueisha.

Deadpool Samurai Manga is the most successful Marvel book in 2021

Deadpool Samurai Manga

Deadpool: Samurai’s first two chapters have each received over a million views. The most recent entry, Chapter #7, has been read approximately 658,000 times as of this writing.

There hasn’t been an official crossover between both the Marvel Universe and the heroes of My Hero Academia yet, but this is the best we’ve got so far. With a unique comic featuring both the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers taking on the Titans of Attack On Titan years ago, we wouldn’t be shocked if we saw a full-fledged crossover in either Marvel Comics or Weekly Shonen Jump manga one day. Of course, Marvel may need to hurry, as My Hero Academia’s manga seems to have reached its “Final Act.”

Deadpool Samurai Manga

In the Deadpool Samurai Manga story (admittedly absurd) background, Deadpool and Sakura Spider attempt to fight Thanos by using anything from the Venom Symbiote to the Hulk. Each one fails, and as a last resort, Deadpool attempts to enlist the assistance of Captain Marvel. Instead, he is hugged by a very different kind of savior.

The Detroit Smash used on Thanos was instantly recognized by My Hero Academia fans as All Might’s signature style, and sure enough, the heavily muscled number one hero has come to Deadpool’s rescue, much to everyone’s delight. All Might is remembered by Deadpool, who claims to have fought alongside him many years ago in the notorious “Toxic Chainsaw” incident that has never been portrayed. “I am here!” Everyone Might exclaims at the conclusion of the chapter.

Regrettably, the Deadpool Samurai manga has yet to be published in English. It is, however, free to read through Shonen Jump+, their online magazine, so International fans will have to make do with flipping through the untranslated chapters for the time being. Every other Thursday, new chapters of Deadpool Samurai Manga are published.

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