Death Note Manga Returns After 12 Years!

 Death Note Manga returns and has become one of the most successful Japanese entertainment franchises of the modern era. The story line of homicidal youths, death god enablers, and police investigators have become an international hit. This anime has inspired live action TV dramas and films, there has also been an American remake of the series and a live stage musical.

Death Note manga returns to its original format, with a brand new addition to the manga series, after 12 years. This new manga will be done by the original creators,  artist Takeshi Obata and writer Tsugumi Ohba.

Death Note Manga Returns Geek Impulse

However, the original human protagonist Kira, will not be coming back to the series. The new premise to the new manga installment is The Death Note reappears in a world where Kira no longer exists, and Shinigami Ryuk will now be serving Minoru Tanaka. A boy who was tested as the most intelligent junior high school in Japan for the past 3 years. 

Other story details have been very scarce, but fans do not have to wait in anticipation for long. The new Death Note installment will be appearing as a double-length one-shot short story. It will be 87 pages and it will be part of the monthly manga anthology Jump Square. Jump Square will be available for purchase on February 4th.

Sources: Jump SQ. website

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