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Dennys Japan

I had avoided Dennys Japan for a long time. When I travel for business, I make it a point to avoid chain restaurants. The only way I’ll hesitate is if that specific restaurant isn’t open. Growing up, I have fond memories of walking out of Denny’s on holiday. Trips with mates late at night for breakfast and coffee are also essential. The service was consistently poor.

Some might argue that eating Denny’s in Japan is a bad idea. This could not be more untrue. Denny’s in Japan is nothing like Denny’s in the United States; apart from being more affordable, it has a distinctly Japanese vibe and excellent food.

What are the variations and similarities between Dennys Japan and the United States?

Dennys Japan
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Dennys Japan is what you’d call a “family restaurant.” This category encompasses a wide range of chains, which I will discuss in more detail in a future post. While they have a different atmosphere than an izakaya (Japanese bar), the majority of them still offer great happy hour deals!

One of the discrepancies between Dennys Japan and the American original is that they serve… Japanese food (和食, washoku)! They do, however, serve a variety of ‘American Style’ dishes (洋食,Youshoku). Denny’s Japan (デニーズ レストラン) is owned by Seven and I Holdings, the same company that runs the convenience stores.

First and foremost, Japanese service is excellent. Many family restaurants (such as Denny’s Japan) and izakaya (Japanese bars) have a doorbell (there’s no other way to say it) at each table that illuminates your reference number for the employees to see, and they come flying immediately. Employees wear matching outfits, as they do in most places in Japan, and since it’s Japan, you can purchase cosplay variants of them!

Denny’s in Japan Collaborates with Godiva & Video of Denny’s in The Country

Denny’s is collaborating with Godiva to sell a limited-time dessert menu until the end of May 2021. Most are great palate cleansers, while some may be considered full-fledged dishes. The chocolate pancakes, which cost 1,098 yen (US$10.09) per plate, are proudly featured on the small dessert menu. For instance, these pancakes are made with a chocolate pancake powder base, whipped cream, chocolate sauce spritzed on top along with brownies. On the side, there’s a scoop of vanilla ice cream as well as a tablespoon of bitter cacao sorbet.

Dennys Japan

There’s even a sundae bar. It features chocolate ice cream, French chocolate bits and cocoa powder, cacao sorbet, cacao jelly, and Belgian chocolate cream, all crafted by Godiva chocolatier Yannick Chevolleau. Bananas and a raspberry are also on top!

Dennys Japan has a large number of locations, including at least 29 in Tokyo. We went to the Hanno, Saitama location, which has a large parking lot. It’s also about a five-minute walk from the Seibu Chichibu Route’s Higashi-Hanno Station.

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