Destroy All Humans Set to be Revealed at E3 2019.

It has been revealed already that THQ Nordic will be announcing two games at E3 2019. The publisher has seen a lot of growth lately. THQ Nordic says, “the announcements are for two beloved franchises that players will be very excited to see back. One is a “new vision” for the said franchise, while the other is a “long-awaited return of a galactically beloved game/franchise.” This makes us believe that it will Destroy All Humans. The rumors are making the rounds more and more lately as we edge closer to the announcement.

THQ Nordic jumped on the growing popularity of AMA’s and did one on 8chan. The AMA did not go over very well for them. To add to the speculation of a new “Destroy All Humans” being revealed, a Twitter user by the name of Afro Gear, sent a screenshot of what was uploaded by THQN_Renhard that revealed THQ Nordic’s supposed lineup for E3 2019. Guess what? Yeah, it was “Destroy All Humans.”

Those who may not be familiar with the “Destroy All Humans” Franchise, It was released in 2005. Its an action adventure game that is a parody of the Cold War-era style alien invasion films. It also pokes fun at the United States in the 1950s. You play as Cryptosporidium 137 which is a member of the Furon race of aliens that comes to earth in order to harvest the human genome. This way they can clone humans even more.

Though the first game was released in 2005, the second installment came in 2006. At the time, they did not sell well. Ever since then, the games have become a cult classic for gamers worldwide. The game is beloved by several. What are your thoughts? Do you think this is true and will you play it?

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