Did You Know Japanese Women Categorize Male Friends By Levels of Intimacy?

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From Hugs To Sensual Bathing, Japanese Women Categorize Their Male Friends By The Level of Intimacy They Are Engaged In.

Have you ever wondered if you were a hafure, kisufure, sofure, kamofure, sanfure or ofure? Well read on and you may find out what your Japanese “Girl” friend really thinks of you.

For many years it has been known that Japanese women have used different terms of endearment to explain their friendship with their male friends. So, for example, they would have their meal friends, car friends and even friends they hang out with simply because they are bored. This happens even in America. I have been a victim to this and many other guys have as well. Apparently though in Japan some new terms have arrived on the scene. This lingo is used to identify the men in their lives. So how did this come about? Well, Japanese TV of course.

Japanese Women Geek Impulse
So Kawaii, But Do You Know What You Are To Her??? LOL o.O


So what does it say in the tweet you might ask? Well, In this Tweet above are five terms used that Japanese Women use to categorize their male friends. This is done in accordance to each situation where you may be more than friends yet not officially together. Basically, friends with benefits. The level of intimacy you are able to participate with them is based on their perception of what you are to them.

According to SoraNews24 here is the explanation:

  • Hafure (“Hug Friend”) This term is used for people you can hug, which may sound a little odd to the rest of the world, but here in Japan, it’s not customary to hug family and friends, so a hug can be quite an intimate act.
  • Kisufure (“Kiss Friend”) This term is for people you can kiss, which is another level-up on the scale of intimacy in a world where friends and family generally don’t even peck one another on the cheek.
  • Sofure (”Soine Friend”) This refers to people you can “soine”, or sleep next to (without engaging in sexual activity). According to pundits, this act is something you can enjoy on special occasions like birthdays, as it gives people a similar level of intimacy as a post-coital lie-down, but without the feelings of guilt that may come after doing the deed, potentially ruining the friendship for good.
  • Kamofure (“Camouflage Friend”) This describes those you can pretend to date, under the guise of friendship as a camouflage. The merits for this type of relationship include the fact that you can go out on dates that aren’t officially discussed as being dates, and even hold hands, hug, or kiss, without having to deal with the pressure of officially dating. However, this can lead to confusion for a lot of men.
  • Sanfure (“Sandbag Friend”) “Sandbag” is the Japanese word for punching bag, and as such, this term is reserved for people you can use as a punching bag — mentally, not physically. This is great for women who want someone to listen as they unload all their stresses on them, but many say this is the worst category for men to be in, as they do all the giving and get nothing in return.

You can head over to our sources to read more on the topic.

Sources: SoraNews24 and My Game News Flash

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