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Disney Twisted-Wonderland Geek Impulse

Game focuses on school age characters based on Disney villains

The mobile game will be focused on school-aged characters that are inspired by some of the most iconic Disney villains. The company describes the game as a “villains academy adventure game” that will have battles and elements that are rhythmic.

Twisted-Wonderland’s main character will be summoned into another world via a magic mirror. In the new world, the main character arrives at an elite magic training school. The name? “Night Ravens College.” Unable to go anywhere, the MC is offered protection by the school’s masked headmaster. During the attempts to find a way back home, you will get to know the genius students who are oftentimes uncooperative.

According to Comic Natalie:

Riddle Rosehart is played by Hanae Natsuki, Ace Trappoli is played by Seiichiro Yamashita, Deuce Spade is played by Chika Kobayashi, Trey Clover is played by Kei Suzuki, and Kate Diamond is played by RyuyukiKobayashi. Kazuki Kato is in charge of the voice of Maleus Draconia, a character drawn on the teaser site. During the production announcement stage held today, Kato read a letter that spelled his enthusiasm for the work and his thoughts for Disney’s work

Night Ravens College has seven dormitories. Shown below are the characters for the “Hearts Labyul” dormitory, which is themed around Alice in Wonderland.

  • Disney Twisted-Wonderland Geek Impulse
  • Disney Twisted-Wonderland Geek Impulse
  • Disney Twisted-Wonderland Geek Impulse
  • Disney Twisted-Wonderland Geek Impulse
  • Disney Twisted-Wonderland Geek Impulse

There is speculation that many more characters will be released for the mobile game that seem to be heavy on story. On the official website for the game it shows six more coming soon areas where they are hinting to release characters associated with other Disney stories. What are your thoughts on this game? Is it something you would download and play? Let us discuss in the comments below.

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