Tradition Meets Disney: 7-Eleven Convenience Stores Selling Wagashi

The Japanese sweets brand Tabemasu (a cute mix of taberareru and mascot) is teaming up with Bandai Candy to create adorable Toy Story Alien traditional Japanese sweets ( Wagashi )!

Wagashi Geek Impulse

Wagashi are absolutely delicious. This traditional sweet is made with white bean paste and mochi. It has a doughy yet powdery texture and is perfect with green tea. The mouldable, almost clay-like dough is easy to form into whatever shape you’d like, so these sweets can be really beautiful.


These will be sold in 7-Eleven stores nationwide from July 24th, 2019. At 258 yen plus tax, you can get your hands on one (or both!) of these delicious cuties. The normal Alien will have a green tea filling, and the “Limited Summer Version” will have custard inside. As all their promo photos suggest, these would make a really cute addition to a party table, or as a delicious tea-time snack.


The basic alien was sold before and is making its comeback, but the flower wearing, pool ring alien is brand new. Both are made with natural colors and are under 100 calories each. Traditional sweets are generally pretty good for calories since the sugar is low, but at 100 calories an alien we at Geek Impulse might be overindulging…

Wagashi Geek Impulse Area 51 meme

The aliens are about 4 cm high and 36 grams in weight. You can check out all their adorable-ness here, at the official Bandai Tabemasu page

They’re looking to get social media coverage with the hashtag #食ベマス so if you’re going to grab a few to munch on, make sure to tag us and use the hashtag above, too! We want to see your pics; how do you eat yours? Will you go straight for the head or will you be nice to it? We will be uploading pics as soon as the 24th rolls around, so keep an eye on our social!

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