Disney’s Autonomous Stunt Robot’s Coming Soon!

Disney’s Autonomous Stunt Robots Will Replace Humans


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When you hear the word Disney, you think theme parks, the destruction of the Star Wars Franchise ( Joke 😉 ) and of course ‘animatronic characters.’ First they gave us pneumatic and hydraulic characters, while more recently fully electronic models. The reason for these creations are to give us a sense of wonder and emotions throughout their parks for 50 years now. 


With the new age upon us and the advancements of technology there is a need for new animatronic characters. With autonomous stunt double robots, Disney will redefine the roles these machines will play. TechCrunch reports Disney Imagineers are working on robots that will allow the company’s parks to keep up with their high-flying film franchises like Star Wars and Marvel.



Stunt double robots will be the most advanced yet for Disney. This will allow for a safer environment for their human performers. Everyone loves Humanoid robot machines. Machines like these will not be confined to their location like robots of the past. We might even see them roaming the park and interacting with guests. 


What does the Geek Impulse Fam think about these advancements? What character do you want to see portrayed by these high-flying humanoid Stunt Robots?





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