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DnD Vs Rick and Morty is the Geek Game of Your Dreams

DnD vs Rick and Morty has happened. Rick and Morty are getting the Dungeons & Dragons treatment with a new table-top adventure so prepare to get Rick Rolled! The news about D&D Vs Rick and Morty originally broke on Wizards of the West Coast. Then comes the Variety article going more in-depth with what we can expect.

The world’s greatest roleplaying game meets television’s most dysfunctional family! What could possibly go wrong? Coming this fall, D&D has partnered with Adult Swim to bring this boxed set blending the world of Dungeons & Dragons with the mad narcissistic genius of Rick Sanchez’s power-gaming sensibilities, and it includes everything a Dungeon Master needs to channel their inner mad scientist and run a rickrolling adventure for up to 5 players, levels 1 to 3.

Wizards of The West Coast

It is important to note that the D&D Vs Rick and Morty game will not be connected to the adventure that was recently released from IDW/Oni Press Comics. They did mention, however, that Rick and Morty D&D Comics are returning as well this fall with a new miniseries. That miniseries is called Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons II: Painscape. The first issue will be in stores by September 18th of this year.

D&D Vs. Rick and Morty Geek Impulse

There has been no actually concrete release of the Table Top Game at this moment. We can expect the D&D Vs Rick and Morty to be released later this year or this time in 2020. If you cannot wait that long for more Rick and Morty, Trover Saves the Universe will be coming out later this month on PlayStation 4 and PSVR with later on PC. This is from the co-creator of Rick and Morty Justin Roiland.

We are excited by this news and look forward to the adventure that will be this awesome table-top game. What say you? Let’s hear your opinion below.

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