Doing Starbucks Sakura Season the Right Way in 2019

Blooming from Feb 15th, 2019, the Sakuraful Series at Starbucks is as vibrant and short-lived as the season itself. The Frappe is only available till February 27th, so best to get one asap if you have yet to try it.

Starbucks Sakura Season Geek Impulse Japan

The latte is available until March 19th, and the merchandise comes in two waves, available until sold out. Wave one, themed on “Sakura in the morning chill”, is available from February 15th. Wave two, themed on “sunny afternoon sakura vibes”, will be on sale from February 25th.

You can find a list of prices here.


We tried both the latte and the Frappe this year, and are more impressed with the frappe overall. In previous years the warm, pink, sakura milk has had some exciting toppings, but this year it’s not as seasonally reflective as before. If you fancy some warm sakura flavored milk, then this one is for you, but in terms of color, texture, and theme, the Frappuccino wins out.

Starbucks Sakura Season Geek Impulse Japan

A generous helping of sakura jelly, combined with the sakura flavored frappe on top makes for an attractive and tasty treat. Do make sure to give it a good stir though, since the syrup collects at the bottom.

Starbucks is, of course, decked in pink (sakura season is even more seasonal than Christmas in Japan!), and they have an assortment of sweet treats to pair with your drink. The roll pie is a non-overpowering accompaniment!

If you’re looking for a more classic sakura taste, however, we recommend the Shake Shack “Shack-ura” that is running until the end of the month. Read more here!

Are you a Sakura fan? What is your favorite seasonal drink or food?

Starbucks Sakura Season
Running: February 15, 2019 – February 27, 2019

Available: At most Starbucks branches across Japan

*The Sakura Full Milk Latte will be sold until March 19, 2019.

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  1. The World Next Door

    OMG! Those look amazing! Does it taste like cherry blossoms smell? Weird question. lol

    • Maisy

      Weirdly no! Or at least, I don’t think so XD they do taste like pickled sakura though, if you’ve ever had that?

      • The World Next Door

        Honestly no. I just love the smell and the way they look. I hear in Asia they eat flowers of different kinds, but I have never done it myself. 🙂

        • Maisy

          Yeah they are gorgeous. I wish the drinks were sold at the same time as they bloom in my area so I could drink one under the blossoms! Maybe one day I can go south for it 🙂 I haven’t eaten flowers here, except the occasional pickled sakura, and I never know if they’re only for show or not!

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